Dataram jailed, wife remanded over passport forgery, other charges


Convicted drug lord, Barry Dataram who was on the run after being jailed for five years for cocaine trafficking, was today sentenced to an additional four years in prison while his reputed wife, Anjanie Boodnarine was remanded to prison.

cap1Dataram, 48 of 36 Patentia, Wales, West Bank Demerara (WBD) had three different charges read to him and Boodnarine, 21 of 79 Patentia, Wales, West Bank Demerara (WBD) had two charges read to her by Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan.

They were both read the charge which stated that between April 15 2013 and October 15 2013, at Camp Street, they, with intent to defraud, conspired with others to forge two Republic of Guyana passports in favour of themselves reporting that same was issued by the Central Immigration and Passport Office.

They were also read the charge which stated that on September 20 2016, at Springlands, Berbice, they departed Guyana without the consent of an immigration officer.

Dataram’s third charge was that between 20 September 2016 and 15 October 2016, after he had been charged with possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking and had knowledge of the penalty attached to the crime, attempted to evade the penalty.

Boodnarine pleaded not guilty to the offenses and was remanded to prison as the prosecution pointed out that she is a flight risk.

She is expected to return to court on October 31,2016.

 However, Dataram pleaded guilty to all of the charges. He explained to Magistrate McLennan that he forced Boodnarine to leave the country, adding that she was not involved in acquiring the passports and the other documents.

He asserted that the reason for him leaving the country was because he felt like he was not receiving a fair trial.

 Dataram explained that his attorney, Glenn Hanoman and the Magistrate whom the matter was being tried before, had personal issues and as such, he was not receiving a fair trial.

 He reminded the court that this was brought to the attention of the Chief Magistrate who directed Hanoman to write a letter. However, the attorney never did.  As such, Dataram said that this initiated his drastic step to flee the country.

 He told the Magistrate: “I take full responsibility”.

 The convicted drug lord was sentenced to prison for 12 months each for attempting to defraud the Immigration office and for conspiracy to defraud, along with 2 years for illegally departing Guyana.

 These charges are all to be run consecutively with his 60 months’ sentence for possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.


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