GuyBow peeved at ‘irresponsible reporting’ of Kaieteur News

Sandy Jackman.

The Guyana Rainbow Foundation (GuyBow) and members of the LBGT community of Guyana has condemned what it described as the irresponsible reporting of Kaieteur News in the case of acid attack victim Ms. Sandy Jackman.

Approximately two weeks ago, Jackman was doused with acid by an unknown assailant.

In a statement issued to the media, GuyBow stated that Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Guyanese already suffer a great deal of stigma and discrimination, with many being forced to keep their sexual orientation and gender identity secret out of fear of being victimized.

“Ms. Jackman made a brave choice to live openly and proudly as a lesbian- a right which every LGBT Guyanese deserves- to freely express themselves. As a victim of a heinous crime, which will require long term medical care and leave permanent mental and physical scars, she deserves nothing less that our utmost sympathy and support.”

According to the Foundation, “Kaieteur News’s characterization of Ms. Jackman’s attack as a result of a triangular love affair instead of as a violation of her human rights contributes to the perpetuation of a climate of intolerance towards LGBT individuals in Guyana. It is extremely irresponsible and sensationalist journalism that puts profit making over the rights and wellbeing of the Guyanese people.”