Guyanese Cultural Icon Neil Chan dies at 88

The late, Neil Chan

Guyana has lost yet another cultural icon that played an integral role in reshaping the creative arts and culture sector since the early 1970’s.

Inews understands that Neil Chan, who for years organized large and medium size floats and costumes for many masharamani bands, passed away today at 88 while receiving medical attention at the St Joseph’s Mercy Hospital in Georgetown.

A statement for the Guyana Cultural Association said that Chan dominated the Cultural Arts Festival for many years with his creative bands.

The late, Neil Chan

Neil Chan was one of the significant music entrepreneurs in the early post-independence era”, the statement read before noting that he washonored by the Government of Guyana with the Golden Arrow of Achievement for his long, dedicated and outstanding contribution to Guyana’s culture. In 2005, Neil Chan was also honored  by the Guyana Cultural Association of New York with the GCA Award for his contribution to Guyana’s Arts and culture”.

Chand is remembered for the SOLO Band and the night club named “Xanadu”: the Place Where Dreams Come True. The band was located at Vlissengen Road and Duncan Streets where Popeyes is currently located.




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