Family of four counting losses as fire guts their home


A family of four is now counting their losses after a fire of unknown origin burned their Morocot, East La Penitence home leaving million in losses.

The home that was gutted by the fire

The fire started at the Lot 31 “A” Morocot Square, East La Penitence, Georgetown two storey concrete house at around 1:30 hours today.

According to reports received, one of the owners of the house, Kennette Herbert was asleep at the time of the fire.

This publication understands that his two grandchildren ages 12 and 8 who were also at home, were alerted of the fire by a neighbour.

The neighbour relayed that she was walking through the said yard when she saw thick smoke emanating from one of the rooms in the house.

As such, she started to scream “fire! Fire!”, alerting other neigbours.

“I was walking through the yard with a young man when I saw the smoke so I scream for help and I called for the grandchildren and tell them to tell their grandfather. But like the smoke did already affect him so a boy had to jump into the house and pull he and the children out” the woman revealed.

Herbert was reportedly in an unconscious state as a result of smoke inhalation. After he was taken to safety, the Fire Service was called to the scene but by the time they arrived, the fire had already consumed the property.

Kennette’s wife, Joycelyn Herbert, upon her arrival at the premises, fainted on the road at the site of the house consumed by the fire.

When she came through she told this publication that “all I know is when I came and saw the house I hold unto my grandson and then I fainted” Joycelyn relayed as she broke down in tears.

The family was unable to save anything from the house. It is unclear how the fire started but an investigation however, been launched.


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