Guyanese citizens close to border urged to be alert as Venezuela builds up military presence

President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro
President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro
President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro

[] – The Guyana government says it is concerned about the “unannounced an unexplained build-up” of military personnel and equipment from Venezuela close to Guyana’s border and waters.

In a statement issued late on Tuesday night (September 22), the APNU+AFC government said that it is closely monitoring this development and is urging Guyanese citizens close to the border with Venezuela “to be alert to this development and are further urged to remain within the boundaries of Guyana.”

According to the statement, “Guyanese in other communities are requested to remain calm as the Government of Guyana continues to monitor this situation and will provide updates if and when it becomes necessary.”

The government said that the international community expects that all States would adhere to the principle of peaceful co-existence of states as is enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.Buk_venezuela2-960x640

“Guyana remains committed to that principle and would regard any act that is not consistent with that principle as a breach of international law that will result in serious consequences.”

Additionally, Guyanese are urged to only utilize legal ports of entry in and out of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela if they must travel to or from that neighbouring State.



  1. claudeston messiah aren’t you joining the military to protect Guyana. Don’t waste your time blogging on this site. Do something for your country.

    After all PNC bullied their way into Government. Now they need to protect our borders. During the PPP/C legal presence in Government they managed to keep the Venezulians at bay by swift negotiations on the international scene. Granger and his team must act swiftly.

  2. Bully bully bullies! School yard thugs even though much more dangerous. Hope the government is consulting with the US for assistance as we do not have the military or manpower capabilities to protect ourselves.


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