Guyanese Carlston Harris wins debut UFC match

Guyanese Carlston Harris wins debut UFC fight
Guyanese Carlston Harris wins debut UFC fight

Carlston Harris, who made history as the very first Guyanese to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), won his debut fight earlier tonight in Las Vegas.

His win against Christian Aguilera in the UFC Vegas 26 was recorded in 2 minutes and 52 seconds via submission in an anaconda choke.

Aguilera took the middle of the octagon early and Harris shot for a takedown. Aguilera defended and in turn put Harris against the fence. Harris threw a front kick and jab but missed. Aguilera landed a 1-2 and then hit Harris with an uppercut that hurt Harris. Aguilera clinched with Harris and put him against the fence once more. Harris landed a left hook which backed Aguilera up.

Aguilera was hurt by that hook and shot for a lazy takedown. That allowed Harris to lock up an anaconda choke. Aguilera fought the choke for a few seconds but went to sleep giving Harris his debut victory.

Harris (in yellow shorts) holding his competition in a choke

The Guyanese entered the promotion off three straight wins outside the UFC over solid competition. He also had a number of submission wins on his resume — and on Saturday, he showed his impressive ground game once again.

Harris is now on a four-fight win streak and is a great addition to the welterweight division.

Official Result: Carlston Harris def. Christian Aguilera via submission (anaconda choke) Round 1, 2:52 (cagesidepress)