Guyanese Author talks about sexual abuse in first book


[]Released in North America, Europe and Australia in January 2014, BACKSLIDER written by University of Guyana lecturer Julia Kanhai was officially launched on February 22 with a book signing ceremony at EMTEC headquarters.

The publication, which promises to be Kanhai’s first of many, explores several themes including sexual abuse. BACKSLIDER, written under the pen name Terry K., traces the journey of a pastor’s daughter who tries to assert independence in her personal life.

While on her first date, Rachael (the protagonist) is drugged by someone who turns out to be a serial rapist. In her quest for revenge, she commits a few crimes but she eventually decides between drowning in her pain and resurfacing to face her God.

The book is a vivid description of the trauma, denial, depression and doubts a victim experiences as well as the small steps that can be taken to regain trust in others and, more importantly, themselves.

While the book is fictional, Kanhai explained that a lot of the material came from stories she had heard from different sources.

Among those in attendance during the launch was Minister of Culture Youth and Sports, Dr. Frank Anthony, who congratulated Kanhai for her work and willingness to address a topic which some still consider to be taboo.

He said he hoped the book would spark a movement locally where others are motivated to write. Also making brief remarks was the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Humanities, Mr. Alim Hosein, who provided a brief background about the author and her journey in the literary arts.

For more information about Julia Kanhai or her book BACKSLIDER, kindly visit the author’s official website, Copies of the book cost $5000 and are available at EMTEC headquarters located at 80 Duncan Street, Newtown, Kitty.





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