Guyana’s Ambassador prepping for departure to Venezuela


By Jomo Paul

Cheryl-Miles[] – Guyana’s Ambassador to Venezuela Cheryl Miles is currently being briefed as preparations are being made for her to occupy her post in Caracas, Venezuela.

This comes after Guyana’s President would have held talks through UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

On that occasion, the two sides agreed to restore diplomatic ties.

Governance Minister Raphael Trotman, at a press conference on Wednesday, indicated that the restoration of ties between Guyana and Venezuela is a process that would take time.

Asked about the posting of Cheryl Miles, Guyana’s Ambassador to Venezuela designate, Trotman said that it is in the works.

“We are in the process of meeting the UN and briefing our Ambassador. Its not a matter of if but of when. She’s not formally there but motions are in train for her to move…over to Venezuela,” said Trotman.

The UN team that departed Guyana on Tuesday is currently in Venezuela as the UN continues efforts to settle the controversy between the two countries.

“We expect that when the team returns things will move faster,” said Trotman.

Maduro in July had recalled Venezuela’s ambassador in Guyana for consultation amid mounting tensions over their disputed border.

During an address to parliament, Maduro said that he also is initiating a comprehensive review of relations with much smaller Guyana and reducing the size of Venezuela’s embassy there.

“Venezuela is coming under new forms of assault and aggression,” he said. “This is a grave, dangerous situation that we must combat with national unity.”

Venezuela, which has the world’s largest oil reserves, has long claimed a significant chunk of Guyana, including a large marine area where Exxon Mobil Corp. recently announced it made a significant oil discovery. Venezuela issued a decree soon after that announcement extending its territorial claims farther out into the Atlantic to encompass the area where the discovery was made.




  1. Pay that woman double for placing her head into the mouth of the Tiger on behalf of fifty percent Nemakaram Guyanese!

  2. What many Guyanese do not know, is that Ms Cheryl Miles was a former Director General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also a former Guyana Ambassador to Brazil. The Lady is a professional with a lot of experience in Foreign Affairs.


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