Guyana will crash if voters consider APNU/AFC – Dr. Ramsaroop

Dr Peter Ramsaroop
Dr. Peter Ramsaroop.
Dr. Peter Ramsaroop.

Dear Editor,

I am pleased that the Combined Opposition was given a chance to lead the 10th Parliament. They Failed. We learnt what kind of drivers they are. At each junction they could not figure out where to turn so they stopped and caused the system to back up as we say.

The people of our nation had to suffer from the lack of implementation of key programs proposed by the PPP/C that would have certainly created the environment for all to benefit. Despite of the inept management in Parliament, the Government has been able to push the Vision of Growth and enabling the population to still have the opportunities its needs to continue to flourish.

We cannot do a U-Turn to 1985 Politics, that car is broken down and rusty. The senior leadership of the coalition is from an era that has long gone. The world, regional economies and approaches to nation building has changed.   Economics is real time and key hardware elements such as infrastructure improvements to ensure areas such as Transport Economics is realized must be given a chance from 2015.

In addition, foreign investors and even Foreign Governments prefer a stable economy and we have that right now.   So no U-Turn is possible. In the last 5 years of this decade, we have to work double time to ensure that the both the hardware and software elements of the plan are realized such as the deep water harbour, technology infusion in every region and other programs which the Opposition disapproved in the 10th Parliament in addition to the new and exciting programs being instituted in the PPP/C 2015 Manifesto.

It is not about 2030, the vision is now, and it is about 2015-2020. Technology Industrial Complexes as we are seeing in Region 4 and Region 10 must be populated around the country.

I am excited to help present the 2015-2020 plan of the PPP/C during the campaign. Our people have realized that a U-Turn to the Opposition Camp with 1985 experience leaders will halt the nation growth and turn it back.

Here is an old Guyanese proverb to those in the AFC/APNU camp that has benefited from the Stable Economy under the PPP/C government: “Lil Finger point to big thumb and sey nah guh”   NO U-TURN.  


Dr Peter Ramsaroop.



  1. Of course he has them, right now I’m encouraging him to get the rid of them, but he might have made copies, knowing how devious he is.

  2. Peter looking for a place in the proverbial “sun” , but it may not be so, as he shifts and move between parties, looking for recognition, might very well end up somewhere else.He had brought nothing to APNU or the PNC, they saw no relevance, but to the ppp ,he might be something else.who knows?

  3. I would not even dream of trusting the ppp and their cabal. The pp don’t like see money and assets, thats a sick of a certain race of people, they will do anything to get it =, matter what, They have no shame whatever, if they have to kill yheir brother, mother,, father sister, does’nt matter.

  4. guyana better slow donk and stop going so fast because the big man said guyana will crash..ah hope guyana wearing seat

  5. Bakar, Please let me help you out a little my friend. Moses!!! Get it? Moses Nagamootoo the “NIMAKARAM” Who fought against the PNC rigging elections all his life and is now in bed with the same depraved minds and corrupt elements. Google “Nagamootoo is a judas-vote PPP/C” Do you know Rupert Roopnarine of the AFC who allegedly conspire in the assasination of Dr Rodney? How about Khemraj Ramjattan? How you like Raphael Trotman run back to the PNC like a DOG licking his vomit. Let me know if you would like me to continue please.
    Please sir, Don’t forget to Google also “Exposing AFC deception and corruptions”

  6. Galfromna, now accept that the PNC were always rigging elections. This is what the world keep talking all the time. These PNC people have no shame. PNC must never be trusted!! Period.

  7. I am disappointed that my comments about burnham being jjustified in rigging the election was not shown..

  8. Burnham was right in rigging the election to keep the PNC in power. He was a man who loved his country. He nor his ministers never used the country to get rich.. thank god he did what he did then. Inagine the ppp in charge 35 years ago. Guyana would not belong to guyanese any more. Thank god he had the guts to rigg the elections and win my any means necessary.

  9. Fools like u should not be seen and not be heard.
    If APNU wins, yall go on a rampage the next day!

  10. Are people sure that the PPPC will be defeated. Everything is possible though so its nice we have people with faith. Granger seems to be the only who thinks that he would be defeated so he start blaming Gecom. I really love the race so far….very competitive and its making the ruling party digging real hard to come up with something to get them over the line.

  11. James let me tell you what your Friend Peter is… he is an opportunist….. Honestly after going so hard at the government and been a critic of “crippling policies” (his words) for so many years he suddenly switch up gear and embrace them alibi-et to the same time Robert Persaud was about to sue him for slander. He made the switch to save his skin.

    He is a devious man knwn for spying Ask Nicole Ming bout that one eh.

    He is a sell out, tell me why after years of calling for a unified front against the ppp he is now fighting them. and defending the same policies he fought against? let me tell you why: The Soup has gotten more dumpling and gravy for him to suck down on.

    And bring on the debates friend, nobody afraid of this clown.

  12. Peter Ramsaroop, The PPP receive you with open arms because they see you as an intelligent youth who realize that you’re a thinker. PNC were and is still up to no good! You sir, have proven to be better than people like Raphel Trotman, and the rest of them PNC destroyer. Continue to use your brain. What a constructive youth you are!
    Dr. Ramroop, Can you please challenge Raymondg, Treevis, and their sister carrie to a debate on economics? Just put them together and chew them up and spit them out as feed to the fishes.

  13. What a waste of space. You had your say Peter now sit back and watch the corrupt PPPers run for the hills after they get blown away in May. And it doesn’t end there. Those who cooperated with them and befitted from their dishonesty will lose out big time which is probably why you are whining now. You are right. Foreign Govts do like stable regimes. They also like honest ones which explains the tenuous relationship they had with the PPP. But this will come to an end soon.

  14. Ramsaroop needs to sit his hypocritical ass down and shut the hell up.
    What new can you bring to the table sir? You only left the opposition ranks to avoid been sued by Robert Persaud back in 2011 because you LIED. ohh by the way you still have the naked pics of Nicole? Old dirty bastard.

  15. To Dr peter ramsaroop u r a corrupt bastard u guys have all these years to make things right and u can’t y yall fighting for more guyana is in a mess because of you Guyanese if I had my own will all of yall would be in jail. We need better and that’s what aiming for BETTER only CHANGE can do that= APNU-AFC

  16. Of course, this a recipe of depression and despair for the entire country. The opposition, the newly wed opposition will surely take this country back in the dark ages. The Guyanese people should pay very keen attention to our country’s history. Granger is using Nagammotto as a puppet to capture votes , the indo votes. If this has been accomplished, he will definitely establish an autocratic military government. We should vote wise and vote for the PPL, which will continue to take the our country on the progressive path. On the progressive path where all Guyanese have equal opportunity. Vote PPP!

  17. The PNCites, APNUites, AFCites and Keyites and the host of all the detractors and daily liars are in full throttle to cause disruption and bring the country back to the black hole which was created by Forbes Burnham and his incompetent PNC Government.
    A good country from the British was in 28 years brought to its knees.
    The very people who lies on all news media possible are the ones who have no solution.
    They have one motive and that is to rule at all cost.


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