“Guyana unequivocally opposes acts of discrimination”- Minister Ali tells OIC

Minister Irfaan Ali meets His Excellency Iyad Madani, Secretary General of the OIC today June 19, 2014.
Minister Irfaan Ali meets His Excellency Iyad Madani, Secretary General of the OIC today June 19, 2014.
Minister Irfaan Ali meets His Excellency Iyad Madani, Secretary General of the OIC today June 19, 2014.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Housing Minister Irfaan Ali has reminded that international peace and security must be of paramount importance to all even as he urged for a stance to be taken against terrorism that threatens peace and security anywhere.

The Minister was at the time reaffirming Guyana’s commitment to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) while attending the 41st Session of Council of Foreign Ministers, held in Saudia Arabia from June 18th– 19th.

In his address to the delegates, Minister Ali conveyed Guyana’s concern over the present situation where peace, unity and stability in the Middle Eastern Region is under threat; he urged those present to reaffirm the values upon which the OIC was formed and called for more dialogue, trust, cooperation and sharing of ideas.

“I am most pleased that the agenda will address in a frontal manner, the issues of discrimination, xenophobia, and Islamophobia. The question of Syria and Palestine cannot escape our consideration and thoughts as it is indeed a testing time for of our commitment to one Ummah (Community),” he stated.

On this note, Ali emphasized too that, as a peaceful, democratic and culturally diverse country, Guyana equivocally oppose acts of discrimination including xenophobia and Islamophobia and stands solidly with the OIC in addressing these issues.

He said, “Guyana promotes and re-affirms its commitment to the Palestinian people including their rights to self-determination. The Palestinian people deserve a homeland of their own. All efforts must be exhausted to finding a peaceful and just solution to this issue. We reiterate our support for the Palestinian people for their inalienable rights and firmly support a two state solution to Palestine / Israeli conflict. Extremism under the guise of religion, cannot be tolerated, Guyana therefore fully embraces the UN Global counter terrorism strategy adopted in 2006.”

He stressed on the importance of looking at non-traditional blocks like South America, and engaging them into the wider collaboration of the OIC.

“Guyana is ready to assist as a member of UNASUR and CARICOM. This will be most fitting under the conference theme, ‘exploring areas for new cooperation’,” Ali declared.

Minister Ali also pointed to Climate Change as another major issue that the Ummah must become vibrant on and the OIC must lead, noting that it is “imperative that all countries agree to minimum acceptable standards to combat climate change”.

He reminded too that Guyana has chosen to pursue a Low Carbon development Strategy to ensure economic growth, social progress and environmental sustainability in an interrelated manner.

“We must build trade linkages that would help to deepen our cooperation. I therefore welcome member states to make use of the opportunities available in Guyana as a safe destination for investment. Kuwait has already started in this direction to build in the economic fortunes of our country,” Minister Ali said.




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