Guyana to seek international help to fight “depressing” crime situation

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By Fareeza Haniff

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[] – The Ministry of Public Security has been allocated a total of $12 billion to strengthen and improve national security services in the country.

Minister of Finance, Winton Jordan in his 2015 budget presentation, described the crime situation as the “most pressing and most depressing problem facing our nation today.”

He told the National Assembly on Monday, August 10 that the former PPP/C administration failed to arrest banditry, piracy and criminal violence, among other crimes.

As such, the APNU+AFC government plans to implement the recommendations of the Disciplined Forces Commission and seek help from friendly nations and international crime fighting agencies.

“It is our firm belief that we need radical action to reform our criminal justice system. We need a police force that is more accountable to the public and better able to deal with crime and anti-social behaviour that is anathema to the good life,” the Finance Minister noted.

The country has been faced with a spike in crime in recent months, with a number of murders and armed robberies being more prominent. The situation has forced the administration to increase police presence across the nation.

Additionally, the government is fine-tuning a comprehensive Public Security Plan, in which emphasis is to be placed on combating crime; regaining trust of the police force; improving police investigative capabilities by rebuilding an efficient and effective criminal intelligence system and the Criminal Investigation Department; improving recruitment standards and training by revitalizing the Cadetship Scheme; counteracting human, drugs and arms trafficking; and acquiring vehicles and equipment for modern policing to fight banditry, piracy, terrorism and other violent crimes.

A total of $11.9B will be expended to support the operations of the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Prison Service, Guyana Fire Service, and the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) and $9.1B is budgeted for the Guyana Defence Force.

Citizens Security Programme

Under this initiative, Jordan noted that the government will commence the implementation of several activities to support the security sector, including implementing evidence-based interventions associated with interpersonal violence, such as parenting, gender values and norms and conflict resolution.

He noted that support will also target strengthening the Guyana Police Force’s Crime Prevention and Investigative capabilities through forensic and criminal investigative techniques and training and through the application of information technology methodologies in crime detection and inter-agency co-ordination.

According to Jordan, the government will establish a command centre to enhance crime response capabilities, resuscitation of CCTV feeds within the Georgetown to Timehri environs and improvement in 911 services countrywide.

As it relates to the decentralization of the application and issuance of passports, a sum of $9.7 million has been budgeted for the acquisition of specialised equipment for the production of machine readable passports.



  1. Wow really HAITI…so you think the grass is greener in HAITI…maybe you should go live there then you can write this brainless bullshit you wrote…you fool!!

  2. Why asking for International help, and we are freeing 60 criminals every year, wasting tax payers money, Mr, National Security Minister Hon, Mr. Ramjattan while in opposition was the solution of all crimes in Guyana, Where is he today and the solution are they all DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. We govt in control now…let we kill them collie people and tek de and drink buy expensive clothes..and when de money done…kill mo coolie again…this nation is cursed..

  4. Guyana cannot move forward until the stranglehold of crime on our society is broken. Govt. needs to deploy 24/7 joint patrols involving the army and the police force and to invoke emergency measures to allow for the sealing off of areas with a view to conducting searches of homes and business places for arms and ammunition. Some will complain, particularly the business community and some human rights activists, but it must be single-minded in its pursuit to remove this scourge from our midst. These cannot be done while waiting on international assistance.

  5. If you need international help do not be afraid to ask… Training and development at a higher level of attainment is was the disciplined forces require… National security is required first and foremost to the people of Guyana and then the diaspora will follow…

  6. Good move on the part of the Granger administration to get help from over seas to deal with these losers/ thugs…..this is what the Pee Pee Pee administration should have done to get control of the crime situation. Now all they want to do is find fault…..blablabla just to be heard.

  7. You do need help, particularly if you are asking overseas Guyanese to return home! Crime is an International scourge, but in Guyana, it appears that the criminals are in control. Since members of the GPF has been accused of condoning and or partnering with the criminals themselves, it gives us a lot to consider if we would like to return.

  8. take notes mr. Jordan apnu let 60 criminal out wow and college student got community service for armed robbery that is the change you stated you will bankrupted Guyana I am very please to see your government achieve that faster than I expected.

  9. The PPP fail to arrest Banditry,you are the Government now what are you doing?The honeymoon should be over by now.

  10. Yes I do agree with all that you are saying about fighting the present crime wave, but if we do not get the help from the Judicial System then the crime will continue.Three university students commits an armed robbery, and was sentenced to community work. The Chief justice grants bail to Criminals. Most of the Magistrates are just giving these criminals a slap on the butt. 90 % of murder cases are acquitted. The Whole system is wrong.. We are calling on this Administration to correct the situation.


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