Guyana surpasses forestry target for 2017- Trotman

Forestry worker othinning a forest to prevent large forest fires. Proactive brush and tree thinning and controlled burns can help reduce the risk of large forest fires.

Government has recorded a production of 345,000 cubic meters in the local forestry sector, surpassing the target of 297,070 cubic meters set for 2017.

Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman

Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman made this announcement at a press conference today, while stating that a revised growth rate may be necessary.

With the implementation of a log export policy and greater focus on value added this year, as well as the signing of the REDD+ Readiness Process Contract, the Minister said production will most likely be increased.

The new target set for 2018 is 400,000 cubic meters.

The increase in production is expected to aid the forestry sector which recorded a 15 per cent decline in earnings in 2016.



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