Brazilian prison escapee caught in Lethem by mounted ranks

Police ranks of the Mounted Branch stationed in Lethem, while on patrol yesterday in the Takatu River area, detained for questioning, a male with a foreign accent who upon seeing the ‘troopers’ began acting in a suspicious manner.
Captured: Roger Batalha Rodrigues
Shortly after, the detainee was positively identified to be Roger Batalha Rodrigues who, recently in the company of ninety-nine (99) others, escaped from prison in neighboring Brazil.
Police Public Relations and Press Officer, Jairam Ramlakhan in a statement posited that Rodrigues, who at the time of escape was serving a sentence for vehicular theft, has since been handed over to law enforcement officials in Brazil.
According to Ramlakhan, “since the establishment of the Mounted Branch in Lethem on December 04, 2015, in an effort to combat crime in isolated areas, it can be said that the equine section of the Force has ensured that its presence is continuously felt; so far, a number of persons have been arrested, charged and committed to prison for various offences including trafficking and possession of narcotics and possession of ammunition.”
The Section is currently headed Superintendent of Police Michael Sutton who is supported by Corporal Fitzgerald Adolphus and several other ranks with years of experience in the Mounted Section of the Force.
One of the mounted officers in Lethem
The Police PRO said that this section has in its pool of resources a number of fit stallions “that are always champing at the bit to stretch their legs on the wide open savannahs in running down those elements of society that have ran afoul of the law.”


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