Guyana should not repeal Anti – Buggery Laws – iNews Poll


Pie Chart[] – An online poll conducted by iNews has found that the majority of participants are not in favour of the Guyana government repealing its Anti – Buggery Laws.

The question was asked following which 84 percent of persons voted ‘No’, 15 percent voted ‘Yes’ and a mere one percent were undecided.

If caught having anal sex in Guyana, a person could face the maximum of life imprisonment, while jail time is recommended for those found in same sex relationships.

Recently, People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Parliamentarian Manzoor Nadir said while he will vote to scrap anti – buggery laws if the need arises, the cry from the minority community in Guyana for the removal of such policies from the Constitution is “making a mountain out of a mole hill.”Buggery

Speaking on the Radio Programme ‘Hard Talk’ on 90.1 Love FM, Nadir said “the whole debate is something this society don’t need right now, it’s been happening for centuries and even though the law is on our books it remains a personal issue and whatever happens between two consenting adults is their business. This national outcry for change is an agenda by other people.



  1. MP the majority could ask for lots of things to wipe out the minority to benefit the majority:: do you not agree that you are totally wrong on this issue? It does not take the skin off anyone with their lifestyle..Arent they tax payers? Do they not contribute to society like you n me do? How many gays n lesbians you know of so far putting guns to citizens heads to take what they have? Let me know if you know how many gays n lesbians kicked in peoples doors rob them rape them kill them. Ponder for a while

  2. I would like to say that this is not for our country.What would our society be ?If we do not obey what God commanded then we are heading the wrong way.This is where we stand we don’t have to listen to what other countries do.God is going to judge us if we don’t obey him.The bible clearly says that a man and a woman shall we join together and become one.Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.Come on think positive !

  3. ‘ it remains a personal issue and whatever happens between two consenting adults is their business.’

    I do not entertain this lifestyle. We should be changing our laws, but only to benefit the majority in society.
    When two ‘consenting’ gets sick, all of us have to pay their medical bills.
    Risky lifestyles of gays can result in the spread of AIDS.
    A few person, HIV positive, can be a serious drain on the system.


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