Guyana Learning Channel to launch new game show: ‘Brainiacs’


After the resounding success of its educational game show, Whiz Kids, the Guyana Learning Channel is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its latest venture, Brainiacs, tailored to the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Syllabus.  

Brainiacs is an exciting gameshow where contestants are quizzed on all types of trivia from Caribbean history and culture to topics deriving from the CXC syllabus.  It specifically targets students from 15 to 18 years old to promote learning excitingly and engagingly. By blending education with entertainment, the show aims to inspire and engage young minds in a dynamic learning experience.

Every episode is a battle of intellects, with each student aiming to stay in the competition and make it to the final episode. Only the most resilient and knowledgeable student will make it to the end and be the last man standing. The format of the show will feature three rounds of competition, each designed to test the contestants’ knowledge and strategic thinking.

This is a show all about knowledge and a massive cash prize. The contestant who makes it to the final episode and becomes victorious will take home all of the points (which will be calculated to a monetary figure) they have accumulated throughout the entire season. Monetary prizes will also be given to the contestants who ranks up the highest scores and most correct responses. 

Speaking on the upcoming game show, Director of the Guyana Learning Channel Anieshaw Mohamed said, “Brainiacs is another first of its kind Game Show in Guyana where we target CSEC Syllabus, Whiz Kids has had resounding success with its NGSA focus and we want to create a similar resource for CSEC Students. The focus is to have educational content that resonates with children in today’s generation.” 

Moreover, Ms. Mohamed underscored the importance of fostering learning through interactive engagement. She stated, “With our [the Guyana Learning Channel] tagline being “Reimagine Learning”, shows like these can get us closer to our objective. While we’re not replacing traditional classroom practices, it’s rewarding to be able to contribute to even one child’s educational journey with our supplemental resources. The Channel remains committed to fostering learning by engaging students and giving them a sense of accomplishment as they take the podiums to test their knowledge and competitiveness.”

 The first season of Brainiacs will span 10 episodes with the first episode premiering in May 2024. Each episode features three rounds of competition where contestants will be quizzed on several topics pulled from the grade 7-9 syllabus. 

Students who want to be a contestant on Brainiacs must meet the following requirements. The contestant must be between 15 to 18 years old. The contestant must have a 75% pass within the last two academic terms. Contestants must be able to commit to the entirety of the competition (approximately 2 months). The contestant must reside within Guyana.

Students can apply by filling out the form using the following link: