Guyana hoping to woo Chinese tourists

Guyana is hoping to attract more Chinese tourists

Guyana is taking steps to tap into the Chinese tourism market as part of its efforts to promote the country’s adventure and eco-tourism products at the global level. These efforts were boosted recently with a special marketing presentation by the Global Friendships Foundation in the city of Fuzhou in Fujian Province, China.

Guyana is hoping to attract more Chinese tourists
Guyana is hoping to attract more Chinese tourists

The event was a special forum with travel agents and tour consultants of Fuzhou City and other parts of the Fujian Province, and publicised the exceptional tourism products Guyana has to offer travellers from around the world, but more specifically, Chinese tourists who want culture, adventure, sports and eco-tourism.

Those in attendance were told of Guyana’s beauty, unique cultural heritage and natural attractions which make it an ideal destination for Chinese tourists. The agents and operators were advised that rather than the sun and sand tourism product offered by many of its Caribbean neighbours, Guyana offers vast open spaces; savannahs; virgin rainforests; mountains; huge rivers and waterfalls, the most famous of which is the majestic Kaieteur Falls, known to be the highest single-drop waterfall in the world, five times taller than Niagara Falls. Additionally, they were shown a number of audiovisual and PowerPoint presentations on Guyana’s abundant wildlife, including numerous species of flora and fauna, particularly its spectacular birds.

Specifically as it relates to Georgetown, they were shown its picturesque, tree-lined avenues, bustling markets, and wooden buildings, including the renowned St George’s Cathedral, reportedly the world’s tallest wooden building.

The travel agents and tour consultants were particularly captivated by the possibilities this new facility offered Chinese tourists such as cruises to nearby Amerindian villages and tours to nearby waterfalls and mining areas.




  1. You close the Ministry of tourism. You treat the Chinese Invertor like crap and you want to attract their visitor. I keep asking myself everyday what jack ass is running Guyana.

  2. Guyana is planning to attract Chinese Tourist! Either these tourist do not have common sense or does not follow the Guyanese news! With the current Crime spree – Murders, kidnapping, thieving, etc….something is not right here…they either follow the path of the security minister- Ramjattan or their belly too full like Moses! Tourism will soon be dead in Guyana…its a simple formula…economy is dead which results in crime increase as people battle for survival. The PNC regime has done nothing but kill the Guyana economy since taking power….the dictatorship continues! Rice farmers used to make $6000 per bag, they were promised $9000…instead they got $900….hmmm….this is just one of the many fail promises….APNU is no better than Green and hoyte days,…..


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