Cops probing another US visa scam, 19 persons allegedly conned

Dhanraj Raghubir

There is currently another US visa scam being investigated by Guyana’s law enforcement authorities. Reports reaching Inews indicate that the scam was allegedly carried out by a businessman, who obtained a total of G$1M from 19 persons by claiming he could get United States (US) visas for them.

Dhanraj Raghubir
Dhanraj Raghubir

Dhanraj Raghubir, who was charged last week with fraud, is being sought by police after the 19 persons visited the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters on Tuesday. They all alleged that Raghubir had scammed them and collected a total of Gy$1M from them claiming he would be able to acquire US visas for them.

Raghubir was placed on G$50,000 bail last Thursday when he appeared in a city court and denied two fraud charges read to him.

According to the GPF, he was charged with forging a US Embassy appointment letter and also with uttering a document that he purported to be issued by the US Embassy, knowing same to be false. He was ordered to return to court on January 20.

Over the years there have been several visa scams where persons collected millions of dollars claiming they could acquire US visas for persons desperately trying to enter the United States. This is inspite of the fact that the US Embassy in Georgetown issuing

several warnings to Guyanese that they should not fall prey to persons who claim they can obtain visas for them.



  1. The police in Guyana need to do their home work and put people such as this guy away…this is a white collar thief and conman…only $50k bail. What a joke! This guy did several crimes of the same in the past.

    He was said to be the mastermind in a computer store robbery a few months ago, then open his own business soon after he was fired. Also, the case is still open and pending results. The police need proof to find this conman. If you do a simple Google search you will find his scam about the car sales man business he did and robbed people about $4 million. Guess what, he was let go from jail.He knows the Guyana court and justice system is a joke and he will do it over and over again….

  2. They deserved to be fleeced. Anyone and Everyone knows that in order to get an American Visa or any Visa, can only do so by going directly to the Embassy! It’s embarrassing the level of Intelligence these people display. SMH

  3. MADMAXX, i fully agree with you on this one. Those who cannot hear must feel is the old people saying and is relevant and applicable to this day.

  4. The 19 + should also be jailed for being fools,is he the US Ambassador, you mean these fools still stupid,,I hope my friend not on the list,,,


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