Guyana has not asserted itself as an independent country – iNews Poll



poll[] – Guyana celebrated 48 years as an independent nation on May 26; however sections of society do not believe that the country is an independent one.

An iNews Poll posted the question: Do you believe that Guyana is asserting itself as a truly independent country? to which 62 percent voted ‘no’, 32 percent ‘yes’ and six percent were undecided.

In his independence message day message to the nation, President Donald Ramotar called for renewed patriotism and nationalism from all political parties.

The President believes that Guyana has truly emerged as a democratic nation respecting and protecting human rights, since gaining independence on May 26, 1966.



  1. Well the Light has finally come on! it took 48 years, for you to realize this? Incredible! The first clue to this recent declaration, should have been the disappearance of thousands of their citizens to foreign soil. Haiti has “asserted” itself and made more progress in the last 5 years, than you have in 48 years.


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