Guyana Gov’t disturbed by merciless Palestine /Israel conflict

President Donald Ramotar (R) and Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Birkett (L)
President Donald Ramotar (R) and Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Birkett (L)

[] – The Government of Guyana says it continues to follow the tragic events obtaining in Gaza and condemns in the strongest of terms the deaths of hundreds of innocent lives including women and children.

“We also express our deep condemnation of the war crimes being committed and the Israeli air strike on the United Nations Shelter for refugees which has killed over a dozen people,” a statement from the Foreign Affairs Ministry said.

Guyana deeply regrets this additional loss of life and injury. According to the administration, the action has signaled a wanton disregard for the internationally renowned symbolism of the United Nations.

To this end the government says it supports the call of the United Nations Human Rights Council to launch an international inquiry into the situation in Gaza and that those accountable should be brought to justice.

The Government reiterates its call for a peaceful and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In a statement last week the administration has called for “an immediate halt to the destruction being inflicted and the toll that is being taken on innocent lives.” Guyana firmly believes that it is time for all parties concerned to take urgent steps to ensure the security and well-being of their civilian population.  

“The Government of Guyana expresses its grave concern over the continuing attacks which are resulting in injury and the loss of life of a growing number of civilians, including women and children, as well as widespread destruction of infrastructure,” a statement from the Foreign Affairs Ministry noted.

It was observed that a military solution to the crisis in Gaza or to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should not be a first resort.




  1. Yes, many more Palestians, innocent women and children, were killed than were Israelis. And yes, the Israelis superior military has inflicted a lot more damage on the Palestians.

    To my point of view, Hamas put their people at risk they started this hell, If Hamas leaders cared for their people they would NOT initiate a war they cannot win militarily.

    They are well aware that Israel military would not sit idly by while rockets rain down on its people. The real propaganda is coming from the media, who focus on the retaliation and not the provocation.

  2. @ Christian,
    How many innocent Israelis died? I didn’t know Palestinians killed approx. 1000 innocent Israelis. I thought the rockets from Palestinians were blocked by the Iron Dome of Israel. I didn’t even know Palestinians had F16s flying over Israel.
    Please enlighten me, Christian. Help clear up this “propaganda.”

  3. The Guyana Government statement condemning the deaths of civilians should include deaths of innocent Israelis. They must also keep in mind that the Palestinians initiated this conflict, by sending rockets into Israelis population centers. Guyana Government has now added their support to the world’s propaganda machine condemning Israel.


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