Guyana Gov’t did not play financial role in burial of NYPD Cop – Family clarifies

Randolph Holder Snr (right) along with other relatives at the press conference.
Randolph Holder Snr (right) along with other relatives at the press conference.

[] – The family members of slain NYPD Cop, Randolph Holder have clarified that the Government of Guyana did provide any financial aid for the Officer’s burial.

The clarification comes on the heels of ongoing criticism about the large funeral which was held for the Officer and attended by several high ranking dignitaries including President David Granger.

Persons had taken to social media to complain that local officers are not afforded such ‘lavish’ funerals when they are killed in the line of duty. One of the many concerns raised was whether the government had any financial role in the funeral arrangements.

“To my knowledge no financial assistance was given to the family members,” said an Aunt of Holder at a press conference on Tuesday, November 03 at the Marriott Hotel.

The family also offered special thanks to the thousands of persons that came out for the burial of Holder on October 31.

Dead: Randolph Holder Jr
Dead: Randolph Holder Jr

“Special thanks to everybody who played a role in giving Junior the send off he deserves…We know that there has been tremendous efforts at addressing burial arrangements,” said Randolph Holder Senior.

Holder, 33, was slain while attempting to apprehend a wanted criminal in Harlem. That criminal is now before the courts in New York.

The casket bearing the remains of Holder arrived in Guyana late Thursday evening at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) along with a slew of relatives, friends and members of the NYPD.

In fine style, Holder was given a 21-gun salute send off at the Le Repentir Cemetery, where his casket now lays in a white tomb.


  1. Well said Ally. It would be a honour and a privilege if Guyana take note. I know that we are a poor nation but it’s high time we stop badgering on about race and parties and fix up because a big ass land like ours don’t even have a million Guyanese and yet still we are behind times with developing and focusing on making Guyana great for all Guyanese to be proud like the Barbadian and Jamaican not forgetting Trinidadian etcetera

  2. Bible Verse Mark 6:4 And Jesus said to them ” A prophet is not without honor except in his own town.” NYPD and all over the USA such honor is given . NYPD honored this man. I just cannot believe that my fellow Guyanese are complaining about this.God help them.

  3. In which century will the Guyana be able to afford such a funeral. ? Guyanese need to heed Madea’s advice and “shut the hell up ” instead of talking foolishness

  4. The State of New York took care of its own, it was his wish to come home and be buried, he was given the respect he deserves, the Blue line does not falter, it stands behind its own. It’s not the family’s fault , and the Guyanese who came out , came out more in curiosit.

  5. Guyana Gov’t did not play financial role in burial of NYPD Cop – Family clarifies
    Installers must suck up to their masters and toe line at all times.
    Its one of their own that is calledkit and kin soits expected for them to go all out but no way in hell for locals and other ethnicity. The newly installed rulers are too transparent with it comes to kit and kin bold loud and proud and no one dare to touch them

  6. RIP Mr.Holder. You are the real hero. We are proud of you.
    Mr.President please don’t forget that all ranks on duty risking their lives and serving the nation deserve same respect and the family of the ranks be taken care of.


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