Guyana Goldfields announces third phase of workforce reduction


Guyana Goldfields Inc today announced the third phase of its workforce reduction plan.

The announcement was made via a letter to all employees.

It states: “Following our announcements about transitioning from open pit mining to underground mining at our Aurora mine site and the interruption this will cause in our operations for an undetermined period, we will now proceed with the third phase of our workforce reduction plan.”

According to the company, the third phase will be split up into two phases, namely phase 3A on Friday, July 10, 2020, and phase 3B at the end of July.

The outline of the process will be identical to that of the previous phases, and it is as follows:

• Employees who will be part of this workforce reduction initiative while being on their break will be contacted by HR in order to report to the office in Georgetown to get their final papers
• Employees who will be part of this workforce reduction initiative while being at site will be informed by their supervisors to report to the HR office on Friday morning before they fly back from Aurora to Ogle Airport to get their final papers
• Extra flights have been scheduled to depart Aurora on Friday, July 10, 2020 and flight manifests will be released later this afternoon
• Final payout will be deposited to the bank accounts of impacted employees no later than Monday, July 20, 2020.
• All personal protection equipment will have to be handed over to your supervisor; the GTM medical card and AGM ID card will need to be handed over to HR.

Guyana Goldfields said this third phase, which will happen on July 10 and on the last week of July will conclude its workforce reduction process.

“As mentioned before, this painful but necessary initiative will likely result in challenging times that will require some adjustments and coping for many of our AGM employees,” the company told its workers.

The firm also noted that once the ownership transfers to Zijin and the Covid-19 pandemic allows their leadership to visit the mine site, they plan to restart the open pit mining as soon as possible.

“Unfortunately, we cannot predict when that will happen nor can we predict when the government will open the airports to allow travel at this time,” the company outlined.