GECOM cannot claim it lacks clarity on CCJ ruling – Nandlall


Anil Nandlall [Devina Samaroo photo]
The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) cannot claim it lacks clarity on how it must now proceed following the ruling handed down by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

This is according to former Attorney General Anil Nandlall, who posited that the CCJ’s decisions are ‘very clear’.

“GECOM cannot claim it lacks clarity on any issue anymore. I believe to their credit, the CCJ with great clarity and great erudition, outlined the laws of Guyana and the pathway forward in terms of bringing this process to an end,” Nandlall said during an interview with Trinidad-based CCN TV 6 today.

The CCJ on Wednesday ruled that Guyana’s Court of Appeal had no jurisdiction to hear the matter filed by APNU/AFC supporter, Eslyn David, much less interpreting “more votes cast” in the Recount Order to mean “more valid votes cast”.

The CCJ also invalidated the fraudulent report submitted by embattled Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield in which he disenfranchised over 115,000 votes.

This decision by the regional court paves the way for GECOM to now move ahead in declaring the results of the elections, using the certified recount figures, which show that the PPP/C has won the majority of the valid votes cast.

GECOM was expected to meet today, but the meeting was postponed after Government-aligned Commissioners requested time to “study” the ruling handed down by the Court.

Meanwhile, in response to concerns about the APNU/AFC Coalition refusing to concede defeat, Nandlall said that his party will up the pressure to ensure the will of the people is respected.
“If at the end of the process, this rigging cabal who are known to defy the rule of law, defy constitutionality…if they refuse to relinquish the reigns of government, then we will have to up the ante of our struggle,” the Attorney warned.

The Attorney reminded that on the night of the elections, every political party that contested the elections knew what the results were since all of them would have had access to the Statements of Poll. “So they (APNU/AFC) know that they have lost the elections,” he stated.

“Now we have reached virtually at the end, and the CCJ has made all the clear pronouncements possible in the context available to them.”

“I don’t know how far more they (APNU/AFC) will go. Because we have been able to block them at every stage of the way,” he added.

According to Nandlall, the “train” is only going in one direction “and that is the direction of removing those who have lost the election from government and to install the government elected by the people.”