‘Guyana can count on our support’ – Jamaica on border controversy

Delita McCallum


Jamaica has informed the Organization of American States (OAS) that Guyana can count on its support amid the border controversy with its neighbour, Venezuela.

This assurance was provided by Delita McCallum, Jamaica’s Alternate Representative to the OAS, during a special session of the Permanent Council today, called by Guyana.

After Guyana’s Prime Minister Mark Phillips updated the OAS of recent developments, including the country’s concerns regarding Venezuela’s planned referendum on the Essequibo region and also of the Spanish-speaking nation’s increase of military troops near the border, the Jamaican representative addressed the high level gathering.

“We note with concern the report on the recent developments regarding the state of the Guyana/Venezuela border (controversy) and particularly, the proposed referendum to be carried out by Venezuela to claim Essequibo region,” McCallum expressed.

“In this regard, Jamaica delegation fully aligns with the position adopted by CARICOM through its statement…”

She added that, “Jamaica views the ICJ (International Court of Justice) adjudication process as a positive signal towards a peaceful resolution of this issue and one which will give validity to future outcomes. In this regard, it is our hope that Venezuela will participate meaningfully in the ICJ’s adjudication process and to fully comply with Article 4 of the Geneva Agreement that was implemented in 1966 to resolve the border conflict between nations.

According to the Jamaican representative, “my government remains fully committed to the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of states as enshrined in the United Nations Charter. Jamaica fully supports the work of the ICJ and its ability to deliver justice where there is a breach of the United Nations founding principles, in an impartial, transparent and independent manner.”

“In this regard, Guyana can continue to count on Jamaica support in defence of their sovereign rights and territorial integrity.”

She said Jamaica also extends best wishes for a successful outcome at the ICJ.