Gunmen rob customers at Grove shop


A man and a woman that were purchasing items inside of a shop late on Saturday night are left traumatised after two armed bandits held them at gunpoint and robbed them.

The two customers were at a shop located on Third Street, North East, Grove Village, East Bank Demerara (EBD), consuming beverages when the incident took place.

Reports are that on the night in question, the two customers were seated in separate chairs at the entrance of the shop when two men exited a motor car bearing a hire car registration.

The driver of the vehicle remained inside and parked the car a short distance away from the shop.

The two men entered the shop and ordered two alcoholic beverages which they quickly consumed while standing at the counter.

According to the shop owner, who was operating as the cashier at that time, one of the men paid her with a $5000 bill and upon collecting his change, he slowly walked past the couple at the door.

However, he quickly whipped out a large knife from his waist and pushed it against the female customer’s neck while his accomplice drew a gun and held the male customer.

She explained that at this point, she was frozen in fear while her two customers were held hostage by the armed duo. The men then demanded that the male and female customers hand over their cash, jewellery and other valuables.

Inews understands that the men managed to relieve the customers of an undisclosed amount of money, at least one cellular phone, and other items.

They then rushed into the waiting car which immediately sped through the streets of the village, ensuring their escape.

The female shop owner told Police that she had noticed the car driving through the street prior to the robbery. At that time, there were several men consuming alcoholic beverages at the shop hence she believes that might have deterred them from committing the robbery earlier.

The house is surrounded by CCTV cameras and as such, the footage is being reviewed by the police as they continue their investigations.