Gunmen arrested after abducting woman in drug related case



By Leroy Smith

crime scene[] – Three men have been arrested by the police shortly after they shot at a woman and ordered her to enter their vehicle at gunpoint this morning, Monday December 29.

iNews has been informed that the gunmen showed up at the Diamond, East Bank Demerara home of the woman and accused her of causing “the shipment to go sour,” which was destined for England.

The men then ordered the woman to get dressed, forced her in a vehicle and made their way back to Georgetown.

The police were informed of the development and an ‘all station report’ was sent out. Shortly after, the three men and the woman were apprehended in the vicinity of North Ruimveldt. The police were also able to recover a 9MM pistol and one live round.

The men are in police custody.


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