“Guard your vote” – Trotman urges electorate

A polling station in South Ruimveldt. [iNews' Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

Voters outside the Central High School. [iNews' Photo]
Voters outside the Central High School. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – As a result of attempts to steal ballot boxes at several polling stations, the APNU+AFC Coalition is urging the electorate to protect their votes.

Co – Chair of the coalition, Raphael Trotman told a news conference on Monday, May 11 that the coalition visited the polling stations which were affected during the course of the day, which included Turning Point, Tucville.

“Guard your vote, guard your democratic right. If you feel there are attempts being made to interfere with the process, I don’t think that I should tell people not to be vigilant and not to stand and guard,” Trotman noted.

He further noted, “We all have our individual and collective responsibility now to protect our gains…people have a right and in fact a duty to protect the democratic process which is unfolding today…”

iNews had reported that chaos erupted at the GECOM polling station at Turning Point Snackette in Tucville, Georgetown on Monday afternoon when two men attempted to storm the polling station.

This situation caused some amount of unrest after residents caught one of the men and dealt him several blows to the body before police took him away. His alleged accomplice managed to escape.

In response to this, Trotman said he found the situation to be strange.

“I myself don’t understand why someone in broad daylight in a place like Guyhoc or Tucville would want to go and try possession of a ballot box. The names of known PPP operatives and some candidates are being mentioned. I wouldn’t mention them today…I’ve spoken to one such gentleman asking him what is going on, he said ‘you know my name gets called in everything; I know nothing about it’ but indeed his name does get called at every elections.”

According to Trotman, reports of this nature are of concern to the coalition.

“It is unfortunate that persons have already been badly beaten but that is going to be the result of any attempt to overrun any box.”

As it relates to this issue, Trotman made it clear that it is not for political parties to inform GECOM, but rather it is for the presiding officer and the police to inform GECOM. We don’t feel we have a legal duty to inform GECOM,” Trotman emphasized.




  1. The truth u dont even know what the truth is cause you’ve been lied to all these yea4s. Lookk ppp cant win this election if they do. We da ppl wouldnt take it that way. Look its time 4 a change n trust me we’re getting it. What u need 2 do is stop voting for race and strqight voting for wat this country really need.

  2. Where is the proof of this ? Show it to the police. Did any observers witness this?
    Your truth is nothing but lies!

  3. This is the work of APNU + AFC hyping up the people to cause confusion, how shame full. APNU + AFC is working towards this.


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