Granger rescues Kwame McCoy from angry mob at polling station


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

The scene outside St. Sidwell’s Primary school. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC coalition Brigadier David Granger was forced to run to the aid of Office of the President staff, Kwame McCoy who was blocked from exiting the polling station at St Sidewall Primary School at Hadfield &Vlissengen Road Georgetown.

This is after hundreds of the coalition’s supporters got word that McCoy was allegedly trying to steal a ballot box from that polling station.

After word got around that McCoy was at the polling station, hundreds of anger supporters turned up and blocked the gate, trapping McCoy inside as they hurled threatens and insults to him.

It was only after Brigadier Granger arrived on the scene and appealed to his supporters to allow McCoy to leave safely that some amount of calm started to prevail since the police were unable to disperse of the large crowd.

Granger stood behind a police vehicle and spoke to his supporters after which a human chain was made to safely allow McCoy to exit the polling station into the police vehicle, which drove him to safety.

The scene outside the St. Sidwell’s school. [iNews’ Photo]
The incident was of such a huge magnitude that traffic was blocked from passing the entrance of the school on Vlissingen road. Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfeild, who was at the scene expressed concerns at all the reported incidents around the country and could only say that they are being investigated.

iNews has been informed that McCoy is at the hospital since he was reportedly injured.



  1. I am greatful that for the most part the process was a peaceful one. I did have my doubts. Glad that I was proven wrong. This from a person whose home was bombed in 63 and was nearly killed. If we as 21 century Guyanese keep doing the same things, we will get the same results. That is insanity. Guyana and Guyanese need a break, a fresh start, new ideas with leaders who will put the people and the interest of the country first, rather than their own pockets and that of the 5% sitting way at the top tier of the society. Suffering is an equal opportunity condition it does not carry labels of black or coolie.

  2. We all want change but if this is the change I am seeing that’s occurring in Guyana I’d rather continue the way we were before.

  3. Get your facts straight, if you don’t know about the history of the politics of this country you should remain silent, your ignorance is so loud it can be heard all the way in Africa!!! When Burnham passed away your Desmond Houte took office and immediately devalued the Guyana dollar. It became $US1= GYD$130 as a result of the devaluation by YOUR PNC AND HOYTE! Don’t try to blame this government for the wrongs of YOUR PNC! Why do we allow ignoramuses to pen on such a credible news website??

  4. This is lawlessness. people were supposed to vote and leave the environs of the polling station. Every decent person did that. There are observers and representatives of all the major parties at the polling station to “guard” ballot boxes. This is very wrong.

  5. I watched the video, where was he injured? You guys forgetting that these are not dark days, every fool has a cell phone and knows how to use it. Show me where he was injured.

  6. when Mr. Burnham died in Aug. 1985, 5 Guyana dollars = 1 US. After 23 years of the communist PPP it is over 200, very successful in eyes of blind Indians.

  7. A true leader is a person that do what has to be done give guidance and do what is RIGHT even if the right thing is hard or isn’t required. That’s what we just saw. I truly hope that all Guyanese whether supporters of APNU+AFC or PPP learned that we all have to do what has to be done to ensure the bright future for ALLLL Guyanese. DO THE RIGHT THING. Let’s not continue to be selfish accept mediocrity and tolerate disrespect from persons that are suppose to be serving us GUYANESE PEOPLE (taxpayers/ coolie, black and boc ppl/young and old ppl). And being racial in a country of six races Oh plzzz!!! REMEMBER WE ARE GUYANESE FIRST. The most valuable resource in a country is it’s people.

  8. Why was qwame even there???? Weren’t they warned to stay away from ALL polling stations he good fa he skunt

  9. Thugs!!! The biggest thugs are currently running the government along with their cabal. The harm that these folks can do, pale in comparison to what has already been done.

  10. The real question is what was ppp office of the president THUG McCoy doing there trying to steal ballots? Don’t you think… idiot?

  11. Moral of the story is “do not go to polling stations,except to vote” unless you are part of the authorities.

  12. That’s how the ppp does do it they feel they’re above the law but we got a next thing coming for them just wait only time will tell

  13. Mr Granger saved no one. He should have better ways to handle his supporters. The police should have defused this situation quickly.
    We have seen this before.
    Sine when hundred of thugs are allowed to mob someone?
    Oh forget, PNC time.

  14. this character is the head of the rohee’s goon squad and they are all good for each other and that section of the electorate who picks up on the fire-rage. rohee is photographed flipping the bird at reporters and camera operators while the other morally and ethically one bhara jagdeo is out defending him saying that his index finger is damaged. people are not fools and they know that any decent person, especially the home affairs minister in a country would have done the proper thing by showing the back or inside his palm with his fingers slightly spread showing the ink on the middle finger. guyana is really in need of a change from the dictators and goon running the country.


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