Green, Royston King lead picket against Bai Shan Lin Investment



Protest 2[] – City Mayor, Hamilton Green and his designate for Town Clerk, Royston King along with some staff of the Mayor and City Council engaged in a picketing exercise today [Thursday, August 14] outside of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission on Brickdam against Bai Shan Lin.

Green and King bore banners that said “Bai Shan Lin must publish its contract with government now” and “Save our forest …..get Bai Shan Lin out of it”, respectively.Protest 1

Green, who is a member of A Partnership for National Unity [APNU] and King came out in support of Joseph Harmon’s dwindling support for his calls for additional scrutiny on the Bai Shan Lin Investment.

Only yesterday, the Commissioner of Forest via a letter challenged Joseph Harmon to a public debate on forest management and the Bai Shan Lin Investment.

Harmon is yet to respond to the challenge.



  1. instead of calling on the company to publish the contract,green should publickly apologise for the destruction he and he cousin burnham did to this country.things like the x-13 plan,teekah’s murder ,the transporting of dynamite in the engine room of the sun chapman which caused the explosion resulting in dozens of people losing their lives,walter Rodney’s assassination and so on. green claimed that he was good and green Guyana but he neither good nor green.

  2. You need to get your facts right my friend. This is our country why should we sit idle and allow an out side company to come in and bleed our resources with no account to it citizens. Yes that is what it is called for back bone to stand up to these folks so we con know what is in the contract and how the country will benefit not just those involved. just remember the devil is in the details. Let us not forget the past for in so doing we will certainly miss the future.

  3. stinkers stenching up the city ..but u have to love the pnc…they demand what they want even when they are wrong they are strong ..pppc does not have supporters with this kind of guts…pnc and formerUS ambassador said PPPc must go so they …must..


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