Granger sounds appeal to Joint Services to vote APNU+AFC


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC, David Granger
Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC, David Granger

[] –Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC coalition, retired Brigadier David Granger has issued an appeal to the disciplined services to vote in favour of the coalition as they prepare to cast their ballots on Saturday, May 02.

During an interview disseminated to media houses, which was conducted by Malika Ramsey on Thursday April 30, he noted that the country’s security forces are under significant pressures due to the rise in criminal and illegal activities throughout the country. As such, he believes that the disciplined services need greater improvements, better and adequate tools to carry out their duties more effectively.

“I would expect that when the service men and women go to vote, they will be thinking of their jobs, they will be thinking of their profession, thinking about how we can make Guyana safe when we have a government who has for the last 23 years has not given us tools to do the job.”

The former serviceman believes that it is the government who is failing the security forces of the country, pointing out that security is not a priority for the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) led administration.

“The government has received advice, information and recommendations not only from its local Disciplined Forces Commission but also the UK. There are about 15 reports pointing towards the improvement of our security which the government has simply thrown through the window.”

He cited an agreement which was signed between Guyana and the United Kingdom (UK) which was later reneged on by government. This agreement he noted would have seen over £3.7M going mainly towards the development of the police force.

Granger has given a timeframe of days that he will launch plans to make increases and improvements in the disciplined services sector.

“I have no doubt that within days of getting into office we will be bring about changes, we will be able to set up a commission to review their salaries, we will be able to determine based on studies that were conducted 11- 15 years ago what improvements need to be made, I am aware of some of the problems myself and I reckon that the servicemen could look forward to progress within days.”

He believes that the continued and recent verbal attacks by the PPP against the military will greatly impact the way they vote on Saturday.

He noted too that he is not afraid of how the servicemen will vote, but called on them not to be distracted by the continued verbal attack they are enduring.



  1. Joint services know exactly where to put the X
    The Joint services need to look how happy and comfortable Gary Best is living.
    Gary Best is living in a mansion next to President Jagan.
    Guyana is such a rich country now that even Gary Best can afford a Mansion.
    You can too !!!
    Vote for the cup that runneth over with Milk, soup, and porridge.
    Vote PPP! Vote for continuous Growth and Development! LOng live the PPP!

  2. Did any notice since Roger Khan went to jail Glen Lall get nuff mouth,Roger was his buddy and he use to be quiet when he was on the road,Roger Khan will be out in a few years,Glen Lall better hide because Roger will come back fu E Money.

  3. Thanks to Felix for his input in putting Roger Khan in the place he is in right now, the many tugs that worked for Khan are all criminals, working for WHO now? The guns that killing so many hard working ppl belong to WHO? These questions and so many more will be answered soon. When Felix is in office

  4. When would a corrupt govt ever thinks about security? never. the rat had raja con doing all he drug shipment from Guyana to the US. He also had raja con and the phantom group killing black people like dogs. You see any Indian said any thing bad about that? As far as the Indians were concerned is all black people are bad people and this is what they should get. The resources of this country is theirs and they have the right to do as they please. Wha t misguided thinking.

  5. I don’t think Mr Granger need to make an appeal to the Military, he know just like I do that the Military will vote APNU+AFC. I do hope no one make any blunder to reveal how they, the discipline force vote. I understand the PPPC concern, however regardless of how they vote they are bind by law to obey the constitution, which dictate that they take instructions from the serving president once it is in accordance with the constitution. Even though there may have been a few individual blunder as an institution in the whole I can say they have stick to their mandate.

  6. Should the PNC formed the Government, kick down the types of banditry may be controlled by the by PNC because it was the PNC who invented it and is still controlling it. The PNC wouldn’t stop robbery though because they will need money to pay higher salary. It is possible that they will target banks and all businesses.
    Granger was trained to make his living out of the using of guns, and so is Harmon and their lieutenants.
    To have an idea of PNC level of corruptions, please Google.
    “The Winston Felix and Basil Williams tape” Also please Google:
    Then top cop : “Winston Felix captured on tape making firearm deal” with Williams.

  7. well the media putting it to jadgeo–he said he never know rajah khan..the media is now challenged to ask the tough questions…who really knows raja…de buxton thing will soon crumble and granger might have to answer to that too..felix them was in the thick of things eh

    jagdeo said “I have never met Roger Khan but you ask Nagamootoo or Ramjattan if they have ever met with Roger Khan and ask Glenn Lall if they have ever met with Roger Khan… I never did and I was never part of any phantom squad to kill anyone”.


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