Granger promises PPP/C backseat in an APNU+AFC gov’t

Presidential Candidates, David Granger and Donald Ramotar.

By Fareeza Haniff

APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate, David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate, David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) will be offered to play a role, albeit, not a major one in an APNU+AFC led administration, according to Presidential Candidate, Brigadier (rt), David Granger.

He revealed on the radio programme ‘Hard Talk’ that the coalition believes in national unity and as such, will not shun the PPP/C if the APNU+AFC wins the May 11 general and regional elections.

“A government of national unity must mean that if we got 55 percent of the votes, we can’t lock 45 percent of the people out of governance and yes we are going to reach out to the PPP because we want a true government of national unity so that we can proceed with developing this country on the basis of collaboration and cooperation not on the basis of confrontation,” the Presidential Candidate said.

However, he was quick to point out that an APNU+AFC government will not allow any PPP members to play a leading role in the governance of the country, as he pointed out alleged wrongdoings by the ruling Party.

“The PPP/C has committed some grievous crimes against these people; crimes of corruption and quite recently, President Ramotar had to remove one from his cabinet…so there are problematic issues which have to be dealt with and we don’t want to bring in anybody into our cabinet, our government who is contaminated by corruption,” Granger noted.

He said over the past 15 years, Guyana has experienced a lot of criminality, corruption and cronyism; something which his Party intends to change.



  1. And they want to include the PPP in their government,they are still fighting for the 5 vice-presidential position and they are promising inclusion,what are these fools thinking,we are not dumb,Nagamootoo has a heart attack coming on May 12 when he cant find that 11% he promise.

  2. Over the last 15 years the PPP has commit some serious crimes,are these more serious than the killing of Dr Rodney,?or the giving away 155 Guns to the PNC when he was the army chief,no wonder he does not want a debate or to give evidence in the Rodney Commission,he is the real criminal trying with his new bride Moses to tell us to forget the past and at the same time they continue to repeat the past by disrupting the PPP meetings and attacking their supporters,be on the alert businesspeople ,Granger and his Bride Naggas is coming,close your stores and run.

  3. How much more confused can this old man be to think he can be President?
    The one seat in Parliament really make the PNC/AFC power drunk.
    The PNC/AFC and their supporters was given an opportunity to show their true selves with the one seat.
    Within the last three years the PNC and AFC have made a real bad spectacles of themselves for the world to see.
    Honestly, I really, really feel sorry for all those haters who have been fooling themselves about forming a Government. Only God can help some of you miserable people.

  4. I don’t know which cloud you on Danger. I suggest you make up your mind to sit in the back seat and zip your lip because you talk about corruption and your party is corrupted. Check your history if not look in the mirror if you want to see a corrupt soul. PPP will win again. This time with the majority.


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