“Stand by us” – President pleads with thousands at Bath rally for votes

The crowd at the PPPC rally at Bath, West Coast Berbice.
The crowd at the PPPC rally at Bath, West Coast Berbice.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – With a mere seven days away from Guyana’s next general and regional elections, residents of West Coast Berbice were reminded to make their vote count in order to keep Guyana on it current positive growth path.

The incumbent President and Presidential Candidate of the PPP/C, Donald Ramotar made the call as he addressed a massive crowd at Bath Settlement tarmac on Sunday, May 03.

This May 11 election is one of great significance, he said and urged citizens to safeguard the country’s future by ensuring that they go out on election’s day and secure a bright future for Guyana.

“We have delivered in this country, we have been the party of change in this country,” he emphasised.

Speaking of some of his government’s achievements, President Ramotar said the administration over the past 23 years has moved Guyana from being the poorest country in the western hemisphere to being a middle-income developing country.

President Donald Ramotar addressing the gathering at Bath tarmac, Region Five
President Donald Ramotar addressing the gathering at Bath tarmac, Region Five

According to the Head of State, when the ruling party took up leadership of this country, it was bankrupt and in debts, but today all of that has changed.

“We are ready to make greater change in our country, to take us forward, so that we can enjoy a high standard of living and none of our people will want to leave this country again, because they will have a good and happy life right here in Guyana.”

The President however, acknowledged that in order to create that kind of life for all Guyanese there is the need for the necessary infrastructure in order to build a more modern Guyana, and a stronger economy.

Having already achieved Universal Primary education, the President said Guyana is also on the verge of achieving Universal Secondary Education.

Ramotar 1“We will push ahead, and make Guyanese people the most educated people in the Caribbean, so that our country will attract investment here not because of cheap labour, but we will attract investment here because we have a highly educated workforce.”

All these and more are necessary for a fully modernised state, as he pointed out that his administration will be looking at new industries, including oil and gas, and Guyana becoming a maritime hub for the Caribbean and South America.

Mention was also made of the deep-water harbour in the Berbice River, the paved Linden to Lethem Road and the Bridge across the Corentyne River, which will all create endless possibilities for trade and job creation for all Guyanese when they come on stream.

“But more than that, we will create right here in this area an economic zone where jobs will be created, more and more jobs will be created for people of our country, and more particular people of Regions Five and Six.”

Speaking to agriculture, the President stated that his government has committed over the next five years to support the sugar industry with some $20B to ensure its viability.

At the same time he said, emphasis would be placed on finding new revenue streams for the sugar industry, which has been experiencing difficulties in recent years.

There are also plans in place to aid the rice industry, and farmers of other non-traditional crops.

President Ramotar explained that over the past three years, Guyana’s progress was held back because of the one seat majority in the National Assembly, but in order for Guyana to go forward, the situation must be changed.

The President spoke at length of the cuts to the national budget over the past three years totalling $89 B which saw some major developmental plans including the Amaila Falls Hydro power project, the Cheddi Jagan International Airport expansion and the Specialty Hospital being affected.

“Stand by us and let us take our country forward, and let us realise the full potential and opportunities that we know of,” the President urged the huge crowd. [Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. Some people love the ppp because it is an Indian party.some of the ppp supporters says that their party is good for guyana yet these same supporters does flock the airport and leave guyana to work and live in other countries why not stay in guyana and let the party give them work instead the seek better life for themselves and family whic this government cannot give them.people don’t run from good and a lot of ppp supporters does run

  2. That’s the man that will remain in power until another young educated minister of the PPP takes his space. We don’t want no good for nothing, power hungry, monkeys running our beautiful country. PPP!!! ALL THE WAY!!!!

  3. Thank you! And they will build more prado vills and larger bank accounts for the PPP and family ONLY,,,

  4. Sandy that’s the whole point. The CRAPNU and AFC party members are all in this not for making Guyana better but to be in the driving seat and have their experience of what it’s feels like to have power. Their lust for power and the greed that comes with it are the contributing elements that drive the charlatans and wannabe politicians. But we are saying that the PNC had their tenure when they mismanaged the resources of this country so much so we became the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. There was no development in Guyana for 28 years and in 23 years the PPPC has transformed this country to what it is today. Economic growth in the positive, infrastructural developmemt of roads, water and housing. Overseas investments, private local investment, a return to democracy, a stable economy, education, health and the list goes on. All these things were never present under PNC administration and now they come once again with their promises of betterment!! Now they want a free ride and want a working and robust economy with which they will mismanage once again! Please the opposition chance of power is like Glenn Lall becoming President!!!!! Never!!!

  5. Attention all haters of Guyana and all those who enjoy painting bad and ugly pictures of our beautiful Guyana especially Kooteur News, look at us supporting the Progressive PPP in continuing in Growth Development, and Modernizing this Beautiful Country called GUYANA.
    Long live PPP!
    Long Live President Ramotar!
    Long live President Jagdeo!!
    Long live the Champion of the EARTH!!
    Long live the Champion of God’s green Earth!!
    Vote PPP!! PPP! PPP! PPP! PPP! PPP! PPP PPP! PPP! All the way!!!!!


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