Granger predicts clean sweep of Linden votes for APNU/AFC coalition


[] – Presidential Candidate for A Partnership For National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU + AFC) coalition, David Granger has predicted a clean sweep at the upcoming elections coming from the mining town of Linden.

Guyanese are expected to cast their ballots to determine the future of the government on May 11. But Granger at a rally in Linden on Saturday evening, made it clear that the coalition will record a clean sweep of the votes at Linden.

Linden has predominantly been considered a stronghold of the People’s National Congress Reform/APNU coalition but the AFC managed to acquire a considerable number of votes at the 2011 polls.

Granger told the excited crowd that the new coalition will come away with 99% of the votes and the remaining one percent would be a rejected ballot.

The Presidential candidate pointed out that the current government has a knack for conducting election gimmicks, but the populace should not fall prey to this.

“They want us to beg for everything, they want us to beg…that’s what they want us to do beg them….Yes Mr Minister, can I have a cash grant? Yes Mr Minister can I have a solar panel?” said Granger.

The coalition continued its campaign outreach on Sunday with a visit to Kwakwani.