Granger mum on APNU+AFC list of candidates; weighs in on Jagdeo’s comeback

An aerial shot of APNU/AFC Supporters at City Hall.

By Tracey Khan-Drakes


An aerial shot of APNU/AFC Supporters at City Hall.
An aerial shot of APNU/AFC Supporters at City Hall.

[] – Presidential Candidate of the APNU/AFC coalition David Granger believes that former President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo is a ‘liability’ to the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP). He made this comment following the announcement that Dr. Jagdeo has fully returned to the political arena with the addition of his name on the PPP’s List of candidates for the upcoming May 11, 2015 General and Regional elections.

After presenting the APNU+AFC coalition’s list of candidates to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) at City Hall on Tuesday April 07, Granger weighed in on the prolific return that former President Jagdeo is making by appearing on the list of candidates for the PPP.

Granger does not believe that Dr. Jagdeo will have any impact at the upcoming polls on the electorate, “Mr. Jagdeo has been known to say things that are not consistent with the truth…I don’t think people want to hear from him after years of crime, corruption and cronyism, I don’t think they want to hear from Mr. Jagdeo at all.”

When questioned about the coalition’s list of candidate, Granger did not offer much but noted that, “we have a balance list…we have committed ourselves to competency and balance so we have a list that is going to be able to move this country forward, that’s the important thing.”

He noted that their focus is not so much on personalities but will reflect experience and balance. He has since promised to reveal their list of candidates soon.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Kissoon’s name has been excluded from the APNU’s list; Granger told reporters. He did not say whether Kissoon has been informed of the Party’s decision but said their focus is on balance and experience.

APNU/AFC representatives presenting their Lists of Candidates
APNU/AFC representatives presenting their Lists of Candidates

“She served two terms, we have a list of criteria and those criteria were applied…we selected persons based on the list of criteria,” he explained.


Kissoon has been a controversial figure in the Party and was recently charged and placed before the courts in Linden after reportedly threatening PPP supporters at a rally in the mining town. She was also embroiled in a number of disagreements with the leader of the Opposition and other Party officials in the past.



  1. Mr. Michael Alexander, What are you trying to say about our intelligent youth? I can put Urling, Ramsaroop, and my Ameridian sister to debate against ninety of your best PNC youth. Bring your list and come. You sir should really reconsider and join us. Guyana is for you and me Mr. Alexander. So come on let’s vote for continuous Growth and Development. You know in your heart that you are enjoying PPP electricity in Linden. Vote PPP, next to the CUP.

  2. justinwil, thanks for showing us the light. you make a lot of sense there thats is why all them afc people probably running back to the ppp. My family and us will have to consider to vote for you people of ppp.

  3. PNC will stabilize Guyana if the are elected? Hey Marty the the goaty, did you land on your head when you mama give birth? Where are you living in Trinidad? Come back home with you labour skill we will pay you a minium of $5,000.oo a day to supply mortar with bucket. that is $120,000.00 per month.

  4. Mr Granger is mum for a good reason.
    Do you people not know that everyone is considered intelligent until ‘mout hopen and story jump hout’?
    The old PNC dynosaurs are in complete command.
    Africo and many youngsters will be casualty.
    The New York chapter of the PNC is enjoying life there just waiting to move into
    the hog feed trough. The Treasury is built up.
    Don’t forget half of the spoils are slated for AFC disgruntled PPPites.
    Easy come, easy they will go back if no hog feed is available.

  5. And the PPP’s list is a TRUER and wider cross section of the Guyanese populace. A list that one can place confidence in because it is a list with competent, educated individuals who have GUYANA at heart and not just worried about power like the opposition is!

  6. In case you didn’t know. Jagdeo was adored by Amerindians, Blacks, Indians, Chinese, mixed race and our Portuguese. So all the more reason they will vote PPP!!

  7. Are you annoyed that the woman is exercising her democratic right to choose who she feels is the better party? But I forgot, the CRAPNU knows nothing about democracy because it was not practiced for 27 years under their rule!

  8. What was the basic salary under the PNC? How many hundreds of thousands have fled Guyana under the PNC for fear of their lives and that of their kids?? How long were the gas and flour lines under Granger and co.? Granger talks about Jagdeo and crime, let Mr. Granger tell the nation what his involvement was in the killing of Walter Rodney, the issuance of military guns, ammunition and equipment that today is still being used by them to commit robberies…. Why does he not speak of that??

    You used to take 2 hours to drive from Providence to Georgetown under the PNC and five hours to get to Berbice! Under the PPP salaries have increased, there are no shortages of food and one can get to Berbice in an hour. Why should you ask Guyanese to vote for someone, something who has failed before and who can’t guarantee us anything. Why should we leave what we know about and risk it all for things we know not about! May 11th. Ramotar President, Harper Prime Minster.

  9. It is so sad you all are supporting a government That has done nothing for the poor yet everyone is running to tnt for work and those who working in Guyana making a basic salary of about 250 usd a month time for a new government to get in power who will look after the poor and working class. A government who will create jobs and help to stabilize the economy.

  10. James We know all along where Urling was leaning so that is no surprise there . and the list represents a true cross section of all the ethic groups that is the population of Guyana

  11. if jag is a liability to pnc then granger you must have no problem coming with clean hands to the people and tell them about the time you were big man in gdf while your founding fathers were rulers of all guyanese in guyana

  12. Why so many hang mouth line up the PNC? Is so many old people with the PNC/AFC? Couldn’t the PNC find atleast one handsome youth like Clinton Urling or Dr. Peter Ramsaroop, to be with them? They brought a bunch of “GO SLOW, READY TO DIE” to present their corrupt list.
    What a bunch miserable losers! Is that Basil Williams and Winston Felix?

  13. Granger mum? Plenty PNC/AFC old crooks will run into a stroke soon. One of PPP greatest ASSETS is Dr, Barrat Jagdeo. I can imagine what is happening in the PNC camp right now. They are shivering right now. I am sure Granger defecate (shit) on himself when he realize the CHAMPION is on the list.
    We are the the champion, we are the PPP, we are the progressive type!!!

  14. if anyone in the APNU+AFC have the education and better than Jagdeo and have better potential, i say, come forward


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