U.S. Embassy Supports OAS and EAB Elections Efforts


eab[www.inewsguyana.com] – The U.S. Embassy in Georgetown has announced financial support totaling more than USD$300,000 for the election monitoring programs of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Electoral Assistance Bureau (EAB). 

The OAS and EAB will monitor the May 11, 2015 Regional and General Elections in Guyana. And according to the US embassy, the monies will assist in their efforts to ensure fair, free, and credible elections. 

Both the OAS and EAB have a proven track record of successful election monitoring missions and are widely respected. 

The embassy in a media statement said the “U.S. Government is pleased to support the two organizations in bringing their credible and critical analysis to Guyana’s 2015 electoral process”. 

The statement noted that the United States of America continues to advocate globally for the expansion and strengthening of democratic governance adding that the regular free and fair elections are critical in this regard.  

The embassy further noted that the Guyana Elections Commission has established a strong track record of ensuring ‎free, fair, and credible ‎elections for the people of Guyana, and so they have full faith and confidence in its ability to do so once again in 2015.  

It is their hope that international and domestic observation will increase public and stakeholder confidence in the electoral process, culminating in all political parties’ acceptance of the ultimate results.  

The embassy said The United States remains committed to engagement with all stakeholders to help ensure a free, fair, credible, and peaceful electoral process.





  1. But I’m sorry, are you insinuating that the PPP practices and promotes election rigging???? You might haven fallen off you bed and hit your head, got a concussion of some sort. The only political party in the history of Guyana that practiced election rigging was and still Is the PNC. They also killed person who were protecting the ballot boxes!! I trust that when they the opposition loses come May 11th that they take the loss maturely and not promote the violence they are so used to promoting!!!

  2. We would hope that monitoring will be real in Berbice in the home of PPP supporters. Anything less will be condoning cheating and corruption.

  3. after monitoring is done..election results are out and not favorable to PNC…PNC tell their thugs to take to the streets…to beat to loot to burn to mug…then what will US do?????? knowing that police and army pledge their heart lungs kidney to PNC..PPP was and will always be a government without security..PNC men like granger basil williams winston felix nighel hughes will always be masters of thugs…


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