GRA to open tax centres from April 1


By Jomo Paul

Acting Public Relations Manager Melissa Baird. [iNews' Photo]
Acting Public Relations Manager Melissa Baird. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is geared to open tax centres in several strategic locations across Guyana as the entity aims to become more efficient in its delivery of services to taxpayers.

At a press conference on Monday March 30, Acting Public Relations Manager, Melissa Baird told reporters that the overall aim would be to have several tax centres across the country that would provide some “basic services” to taxpayers.

“For a number of years we have been toying with how best we can serve taxpayers and what is needed to take our service to them in an efficient manner….we came up with the idea of opening tax centres,” said Baird.

She explained that some of the basic services would include filing of tax returns and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) applications. However, Baird later stressed that additional services would be provided as the need arises.
“We are taking it in phases; we can’t start the tax centres off with all the services that we offer at the main offices. So as the need arises,” she explained.

Communications Officer Fabian Clowes. [iNews' Photo]
Communications Officer Fabian Clowes. [iNews’ Photo]
It was noted that the first centre would be opened by the Tax Body in Diamond, East Bank Demerara on April 1 while there are plans to open at least two other tax centres in the near future.

Meanwhile, Fabian Clowes, Communications Officer said that the opening was timely since GRA is currently in tax season and persons can use the centres to file for their tax returns.

He said that taxpayers should make urgent efforts to ensure that their tax returns are filed since the deadline for that is April 30.



  1. Yet the sensible government built a spanking new gra building in linden for the people you claim that don’t pay taxes. Who is more stupid, you or the ppp?

  2. u dont need any of this in linden since we are depressed..we will never pay tax..period….notice how we cant blog on this subject matter?? ““My father did not live in a Mansion” – Nadira Jagan responds to Jagdeo” your father did in fact lived in a mansion…how many guyanese could own a house in belair park??? in those days you had to be real big to own a home in….belair park….so hush up lady..yall just jealous of jagdeo because he is too classy for yall.


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