Ramson Jr agrees with APNU+AFC that “It is Time”

Charles Ramson Jr. [iNews' Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

Charles Ramson Jr. [iNews' Photo]
Charles Ramson Jr. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Attorney – at – Law and member of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Charles Ramson Jr has joined the bandwagon in taking jabs at A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change Coalition, especially its Prime Ministerial Candidate, Moses Nagamootoo.

Ramson, the son of Commissioner of Information – Charles Ramson Snr, addressed the Party’s Kitty, Georgetown rally on Sunday, March 29, where he agreed with the coalition’s slogan that “It Is Time;” time for the PNC to “stop fooling the Guyanese people.”

“I have to agree with the coalition about one thing that it is time; it is time that the PNC and the AFC stop trying to fool the Guyanese people. To the PNC I say, stop changing your name for heaven’s sake and stop denying that you rigged elections prior to 1992!” the younger Ramson said to a cheering crowd.

He criticized former PPP Executive Member, Moses Nagamootoo for joining forces with the APNU.

“And to the AFC I say after 30 years, our Party leaders knew exactly why they never wanted Moses Nagamootoo to be leader of our Party because his silver tongue concealed his slithering sins and motives and he has now caused the AFC to abandon its founding principles.”

Ramson Jr also spoke about progress and development of the youth population, using himself and former President Bharrat Jagdeo as examples.

“The PPP has been the architect of change for the better; it has been the architect of progress. This undeniable progress is exactly the reason why we do not need to change course,” Ramson Jr said.

He urged supporters to give incumbent President, Donald Ramotar a “real opportunity” to lead the nation to the future.




  1. Yes James! Those same opposition like charrandass went to the university, using our PPP Government facility, crossing the Berbice bridge, using the the medical facilities, driving their expensive vehicles, on the brand new roads our PPP Goverment built,,,etc….etc……ask charrandass when he drives his bmw, how he feels in it, on the smooth roads , throughout Guyana. Oh! also ask him if it’s not the Government , The PPP Government assist him to bring that bmw. On the other hand, he still “cuss” down the PPP. The opposition , in general, are the ungrateful flock.

  2. Hey Leon Saul, You’re my black brother from another mother, you need to improve your understanding. It was that ugly Malika Ramsey who ask for competent youths of the PPP! How racial are you? Did you read I mention the name Persaud? Who do you know that are doing social work? So you feel I’m attacking you? Now tell me,
    Is it okay for you and your whole generation to attack Dr. Jagdeo? You and Trotman wants the entire PNC/AFC to fight one man, and a woman? Tell me Mr. Saul, why did your PNC Granger, said Nagamootoo the Nimakaram cannot be trusted?
    Hey Leon, tell me why did Ramjattan said Granger and the PNC is dead meat? You don’t know? What you mean you don’t know? For your information Saul, Dr. Jagdeo is a hero, and a champion to me and all PPP! Also Dr. Jagdeo is the “CHAMPION OF THE EARTH” Do you understand? If you do, then take that to your PNC camp.
    Cry out now “Dr. Jagdeo is CHAMPION OF THE EARTH”

  3. It appears that many Indians in Guyana are similar to many whites in America…so bound by racism that they cannot admit that the PPP/C has done and will continue to do nothing for them, or their childrens’ futures, just like the Republican party has done nothing for the average lower middle-class and poor whites in America. Yet, both group stay loyal to these charlatans. Ethnic pride is important, but Ethnic stupidity is so very sad

  4. first of all you must know dat he ain’t no james because he don tell yuh who nice and who nah nice so he nah gon tek no “ugly people” name. he is just masquerading with a fictitious name because a name like ramlakhan or ramdeen gon confirm what the masses knew about them all along – dem inherently bigoted and racist!

  5. I think it’s time that the leaders deal with the real issues and stop lashing out at each other . I ts time we get pasts the issue with the color of our skin . Only when it’s election you find person’s talking about the skins color . We’re accustomed to go to school ,play ,even married to different race so why are we still making this an issue ? I find it totally a shame ,

  6. yall take it easy on poor old nagamoottoo please since he is old fat and short and just married granger on valentines days…please allow them old people did to enjoy theirhuney-moon..i have a bad feelings that nagamoottoo will divorce granger before election day..look at their skin..both nagamoottoo and granger like dead skin took them over..so sad

  7. “Charles Ramson Jr. Is a Proud and handsome PPP youth, not a ugly PNC youth fulling up the university to do social work at the Government expense…” Are you using coded language in expressing your racism, eh James? I’m quoting your racist statement. Are you insinuating in an Aryan, Nazi-like way that the Indian “handsome Ramson” is racially superior than the African “ugly PNC youth”? Shame on you! GECOM should take note and apply the appropriate sanctions where necessary…

  8. Charles Ramson Jr. Is a Proud and handsome PPP youth, not a ugly PNC youth fulling up the university to do social work at the Government expense, taking student loan like AFC Charrandas Persaud who took eight years to do a four years program.
    YES!! It is time! It is time Granger tell the Guyanese people why he choose Trotman over Nagamootoo the “Nimakaram” to be the speaker of the house.
    It is time Granger tell us why he Granger, said the Nimakaram cannot be trusted!
    It is time Winston Felix tell us about the recording between himself and Basil Williams. Anyone can Google it by typing “The Winston Felix, and Basil Williams tape”
    Please listen!!! please!! please!! Just type “Winston Felix, and Basil Williams tape


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