GRA commences countrywide business inspections


business inspection[] – The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) today (Tuesday, July 1), commenced its countrywide compliance checks on businesses where all business entities will be inspected to ensure they are in compliance, especially with regard to the licences for their operations among other lawful requirements.

The visits follow notices in the press, urging businesses to renew their Trade and Miscellaneous Licences. GRA said despite this, it was observed that some business proprietors still did not renew their licences which would ensure that business is being conducted legally.

The Agency’s campaign will cover various regions of the country commencing in Georgetown and its environs. Checks will also be made to determine whether there have been any breaches with regard to the various taxes as applicable.

Businesses should note, for instance that specific licences, such as the Malt & Wine Licence allow for the sale of limited alcoholic beverages, but do not allow for the sale of hard liquor. As such, businesses would require more than one licence for any dual or triple activities being carried out, the Authority stated.

“Restaurant Liquor, Spirit shop, Members’ Club, Hotel, Off-licence and Malt & Wine Licence holders with expired licences should seek to regularize their operations accordingly since the renewal of these licences for 2014 should have already taken place.”

Regarding illegal establishments, GRA says it will not tolerate this breach of the Laws which also pose a threat to legitimate business operations and possibly the health of patrons. “Failure of these businesses to obtain the relevant licences to operate will result in enforcement actions being taken and goods forfeited,” a statement added.

Persons who wish to renew their Trade and Miscellaneous Licences can visit GRA’s Headquarters, 200-201 Camp Street to do so, or visit any Regional Integrated Tax Office and complete the process.  



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