GPL’s Deputy CEO transferred $27M to US account; requests time to repay

Aerswar Deonarine
Aerswar Deonarine
Aerswar Deonarine

[] – Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Administration of the Guyana Power and Light (GPL), Aerswar Deonarine has requested time from the government to repay the $27M which he transferred from the PetroCaribe fund to his personal bank account in the United States.

This is according to Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, who told a news conference on Saturday, August 08 that Deonarine wrote a letter explaining that he does not believe his actions were wrong.

“I am aware that a letter was sent in by the DCEO. He wrote the letter saying he does not believe his actions were wrong. However, he will refund the money, but is requesting some time, because the cash was transferred to his United States (US) account,” Patterson explained.

Following the discovery of the illegal transfer in July, Deonarine was sent on immediate administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation. According to Patterson, the forensic audit into the financial affairs of GPL has been concluded and the files have been sent to the the Ministry of Public Security and the Attorney General, who will advise on the way forward.

The audit revealed that $28.748M was transferred from the PetroCaribe Fund into the personal accounts of FITUG President Carvil Duncan and Deonarine.

A total of $27.8M went into Deonarine’s account and $948,000 to Duncan’s account, under the pretext that the monies were retroactive payments for salary increases.

However, the Board of Directors for GPL did not approve the salary increase for Deonarine, who would have approached the Board several times for his salary to be increased to the same as another Deputy CEO of GPL.




  1. Why is the minister charged with taking government vehicles and these two individuals Duncan and Deonarine are not charged with putting a substantial amount of the Nation’s monies into their bank accounts.

    With all the stealing going on and so much evidence only a few individuals are being charged. These people should be behind bars. Are they above the law. Come on APNU/AFC.

  2. And why is he still walking the streets?the Govt plan to jail all the thieves and this is the more blatant yet,payback what you stole doesn`t mean that a crime was not committed,they should have already hold his passport.

  3. And the PPP/C was clean!!! Witch Hunting they say?? Maybe because they are Witches out there to be hunted!!!

  4. I think the govt is getting soft now, deonarrine is only one of them, what happen to the rest that conspire to put that money in his account, the whole board of directors needed to be change all of them have knowledge of what took place there.


  6. Restitution of stolen public funds by the public officer who stole it doesn’t negate the crime of “larceny by a public officer” but may be considered in mitigation during sentencing! This officer MUST be placed before the court so that just punishment can be handing down for his crime!
    Also the interest accrued on the deposit should be the property of the Guyana Government.

  7. IS THIS A BLOODY JOKE ? You are now caught moving money that you were not authorised to take and transfering out of the country in your personal account , and now telling the Gov’t you want to bring it back ! The law has a name for this …thief…fraud…larceny by a public officer….anyway it is called this act is grossly illegal and the engineer of it must face the Court . What was the intent ? No one would have known of this thieft if the previous Gov’t was still in place……This ” fellow “must be charged………The world is paying keen attention !

  8. Definition of Theft: the act of stealing; the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods or property of another; larceny. You may say it’s not wrong, but if it was not given to you as yours, and you took it, it’s considered stealing, and you should be locked up. Had this been, ordinary civilian citizen Deonarine, he would have been thrown into jail. SMH

  9. Stay tuned more to come this is what happens when no one is watching the store_ a free for all. Only in these cases the recipients are the well connected family and friends. The piggy bank is now closed. Where are the defenders. A crook and a thug is not only one with a gun in his hands robbing people deonarine and those like him are the respected version.Meanwhile citizens were catching hell desperately trying to make ends meet.

  10. This would never have seen the light of day had the PPP/C been returned to government. at the recent General and Regional Elections.

  11. And he believes he has done nothing wrong after transferring the government’s funds into his personal US account. The gall of some Guyanese people is almost frightening. It was not your money to have in the first place, why is it in your personal account?

  12. shame shame shame shame!!thats the people we had running Guyana.Pack of thieves.What does Dumb ass Rohee and the others have to say??their party is clean and free of corruption.PPP is an evil and corrupt party.They will never go back into power.They are greedy,selfish and racist.The rich was getting richer and the poor poorer.This man should be placed before the court,charged and remamded then jailed.He has the nerve to say he is looking to sue the Govt for wrongful dismissal.No class.Go away

  13. The Return Or Reimbursement Of Stolen Funds From The State Of Guyana:

    Is it possible for the State of Guyana to have the assets of Aerswar Deonarine FROZEN, until the legal ramifications are conducted, as per the return of the alleged stolen State funds in his bank account.

    I am confident this will be sought by the Guyana Government.


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