Govt to ramp up enforcement of Covid guidelines – Ali


With April being one of the deadliest months for the COVID-19 pandemic in Guyana, President Dr Irfaan Ali has indicated that government will be toughening up of the enforcement of the measures in place to protect the population.

During a press conference today, President Ali expressed disappointment that citizens have not taking the COVID-19 measures as seriously as the government had hoped.

“Yes, you’re going to see stronger enforcement. Yes, we’re going to add more boots on the ground, from the army to the police, to support the enforcement. And we’re going to put more resources into this,” he stated.

“But the irresponsibility of some is costing us. Because we now have to put more resources on this aspect of the pandemic, when we could have used those resources either on the public education aspect or mainstream healthcare,” the Head of State added.

The President also said that the government will be shifting its focus from prosecuting citizens who partake in social gatherings that breach the COVID guidelines to prosecuting the owners of these social venues.

Just yesterday, the Guyana Police Force issued a statement where it revealed that its ranks “have been partnering with civilians to hold events in contravention of the Covid-19 Regulations with the civilians, on some occasions, assuming sole responsibility when the police intervene.”