Letter: APNU/AFC has moved itself towards a circus of political self-destruction


Dear Editor,

In declaring that the constitutional mandate of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) “is very wide”, the APNU/AFC has moved itself toward a circus of political self-destruction, when Chief Justice Roxane George on Monday dismissed the APNU+AFC election petition (88/20-P) which challenged the legality of the 2020 election.

In her ruling, Justice George said the March 02, 2020 election was conducted lawfully, and there were no breaches, violations, or non-compliance with the laws of Guyana by GECOM.

As a consequence of her decision, both Section 22 of the Election Laws (Amendment) Act and Order No. 60 of 2020 have been found to have been executed under the proper authority. She also laid to rest the petitioners’ contention that the Statements of Recount could not replace the initial declarations made by the 10 Returning Officers, declaring that it can, and did in fact do so.

She also mandated that the Statements of Poll and Statements of Recount which are currently in the custody of the High Court for safe keeping remain there until all appeals are heard and determined.

However, APNU/AFC continues to mislead its supports and the people of Guyana, telling its supporters that these were the petitions that would bring the PPP/C down and the PPP/C would be ousted from office… They promised that within months the PPP/C would be thrown out, knowing fully well that neither of the petitions had any reasonable prospects of success. The Opposition APNU+AFC allowed its supporters to protest on our city streets on Monday shortly after the ruling of Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George, a ruling that essentially dismissed the first election petition filed by the Coalition.

Knowing fully well that the petition held no merit in a court of law, the APNU+AFC launched personal line attacks against the Chief Justice, an act that must be condemned by every sound- minded Guyanese. Opposition Leader and APNU+AFC leaders must desist from looking to put in their supporters’ minds a false sense of confidence and misconceived expectations that the rule would be in their favour.

APNU-AFC leaders! Why are you promising people things you cannot deliver? and continue to tarnish the image and reputation of our judges and the institution called the Judiciary simply because you cannot win a case which has no merit.

It must be clear to every Guyanese that the compulsive egoism which has engulfed the APNU-AFC leadership and has obfuscated its judgment now makes it incapable, weak, undiscerning, incompetent and irrelevant. Undoubtedly, it is the worst political party ever seen in Guyana over the last few years.

The APNU/AFC continues to move itself toward a circus of political self-destruction, leading its supporters into the political wilderness of shame and disparity as it continues to gas-light its supporters with the self-serving notion that it had won the March 02 2020 Regional and General Elections.

The ruling from Chief Justice Roxane George on Monday dismissed APNU+AFC’s elections petition (88/20-P) which challenged the legality of the 2020 elections. The APNU/AFC supporters and the people of Guyana must now see the leaders of the coalition exactly for who they truly are: an abject group of leaders who are weak and incomprehensible failures that epitomise a virulent incompetence that is an embarrassment to their supporters and the people of Guyana.

Despite this clear ruling and plans to improve on the system, we will have these same APNU/AFC leaders misinterpreting the law and disregarding the rulings in a bid to trample on the democratic credentials of our country.

Monday’s ruling means that both petitions filed by the coalition have been dismissed by the High Court. This second petition suffered a similar fate. The truth is that neither of the petitions should have been filed.

This unequivocal demonstration of catastrophic failure by the APNU+AFC leaders must provoke awe, wonder, incomprehension and shock in their supporters, the plethora of court cases by the APNU+AFC was procedural to find solutions, but in the same vein, the goal was to invade and assault the courts because they appeared corrupt and compromised as the final arbiter. In the contestation of power, the courts are the final stop on dispute resolutions. Please understand that APNU/AFC leaders.

David Adams