Gov’t Spokesman urges state media top brass to ‘follow Neaz Subhan’

Government Spokesman, Imran Khan
Government Spokesman, Imran Khan

[] – Government Spokesman, Imran Khan has commended the Head of Government Information Agency (GINA) Neaz Subhan for the admirable step he took in submitting his resignation, hinting that others should follow suit.

Subhan on Wednesday June 03 tendered his resignation effective July 03. Khan said in his meetings with the state media, GINA management and staff it is clear that there are still professionals who are prepared to work with integrity and purpose in lifting the standards and these persons should have no worry that there will not be any witch hunt against them.

However, Khan said there are persons in the state media and at GINA whose conscience should instruct them to do the honourable thing. 

“Sufficient time has elapsed since May 11 for reality to have set in and for those persons to commence the process of making their transitions to the next phase of their careers. It would be best if as we move towards professionalising the state media that those persons who would have been empowered to be little untouchable emperors and whose presence in those media houses is toxic be honest with themselves and chart a path in moving on,” said Khan.

L-R: Michael Gordon, Molly Hassan and Neaz Subhan
L-R: Michael Gordon, Molly Hassan and Neaz Subhan

He noted that the APNU+AFC administration has been rather patient thus far but there will come a time when patience will run thin reaffirming that will be no witch hunts, no mass firings and that there will be no random firings.

“We have demanded the resignations of no one but equally persons would be naive to think that given their history of wilfully presiding over the appalling discriminatory practices in maligning the peoples representatives in parliament, in condoning reprehensible racist attacks against persons and of allowing themselves to be professionally compromised, of surrendering their professional ethics and dignity that they would have a place in the process of moving forward,” he emphasized.

He underscored that the government is not going to be a protectorate for persons “who for years have been using their positions of privilege to malign others and treat the public with contempt as they aided and abetted and directed the use of state media into vicious attack dogs against the then opposition and the wider citizenry and who shut out dissenting views and who blacked out the then opposition.”




  1. I Wonder if the Power Houses in the MOE will be asked to do the honourable thing – Let Intellect and Diplomacy take Preeminence and WALK!!!!!!!!

  2. Diplomacy Is the way to go sir ! After having NCN why do we need GINA ??? It just a total waste…all the staff should be sent packing …. they became powerful and behaved untouchable using their media passes to intimidate citizens,how is it they are allowed to use their media passes 24 hours a day ?? those passes should be left at their place of work when they would have retired for the day ,GINA should be put out of operation or all staff replaced for a smooth transition and running of the entity


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