Govt says NO to compensation for EDay violence victims


The National Assembly last evening debated a motion which sought compensation for victims of alleged election day violence in 2015. The motion entitled 2015 Election Day Violence: Compensation for Victims was presented to the House by opposition member Joseph Hamilton.

After intense deliberations which went into the early hours of this morning, the motion was thrown out following its failure to garner the support of the government. Twenty eight (28) members voted in favour while 33 members voted against.

Taking the lead in the debate as to why the government cannot and did not support the motion, Minister of Citizenship Winston Felix, explained that the motion suggested that violence just erupted in a peaceful community.

“I can’t support this motion. In effect, violence is to be abhorred. People were injured and we should sympathise with them, we should comfort them but when you administer the State where you cannot protect your citizens and you allow their properties to be destroyed by their negligence you should not come to this House and ask for compensation. We cannot reward you for negligence,” Minister Felix stated.

Rising to add to the debate, Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson explained that, in his opinion with regard the motion, there is no innocent party; however, he questioned the timing of the motion pointing out that it’s almost nine months after the event.

The Minister is of the view that such a motion should not have been put to the House, especially since it is the year of the country’s 50th independence anniversary, “a time when we are trying to bring the nation together.”


A property being destroyed on E-Day in Sophia
A property being destroyed on E-Day in Sophia

Dozens of persons suffered tremendously as a result of the many instances of violence that was perpetrated on Election Day 2015. Some Guyanese were badly beaten and attacked by angry mobs, and families lost thousands of dollars as a direct result of the unrest that occurred in several communities.

One notable instance of Election Day violence was the situation in Sophia, Greater Georgetown. The community was transformed into a scene of unrest by an angry mob. In the midst of burning tyres and buildings, and angry cries, some residents were injured. Others had to endure the excruciating pain of watching their hard-earned belongings go up in flames as a result of a fire deliberately started by a group of Sophia residents.

At some other polling stations across the country, other persons were victims of the violence administered by residents who believed there was a threat to the integrity of the ballot boxes.

In other areas, persons were hauled out of their vehicles and received several blows about their bodies for merely making an appearance in certain villages. Former Information Liaison to the President,  Kwame McCoy was attacked so badly that he had to be hospitalised. McCoy was confronted by an angry mob as he was about to exit the polling station at St Sidwell Primary School at Hadfield Street and Vlissengen Road, Georgetown.




  1. Really Rajkumar–if you have a glass house do not throw rocks pal–you never know you might be the next victim..remember APNU in power ( refine PNC) worst than the former.


  3. Rajkumar you must be a complete idiot. PPP is not the government of the day therefore they should not compensate for this astrocity. E-Day violence were perpetrated against PPP supporters or a particular ethnicity. These individuals should be compensated by the Granger Defacto Administration.

  4. I guess it was PPP supporters who burn the houses and destroyed the vehicles. If the APNU stood for peace and righteousness, they should compensate those people. Also, the two persons who were caught by the mob as having come to steal ballot boxes that triggered the burning…what ever happened to them? I am guessing they were pardon by the government.

  5. Govt says NO to compensation for EDay violence victims
    PPP was held responsible for the Linden 3 that got killed.
    This is how you rule..
    When PNC loose they beat they rob they loot they burn..
    When PNC installed to rule they beat they rob they loot they burn..
    A B C EU countries will deny this too since they all said they saw free fair transparent election. They never see the PNC aftermath wrath heaped on innocent citizens.
    Remember the Agricola atrocity? Was anyone held responsible for East Indians being beaten robbed and sexually molested?
    Was any politician in AFC held responsible ?

  6. The government should not pay for what happened. PPP should be loyal to its supporters and stop blaming the government. PPP should compensate these people if they truly care.

  7. Of course they won’t compensate these people. Where are they going find the money from? Their salary increase has eaten away at the treasury. That is why they are in cost cutting mode. When Jagan became president in 1992 he said half a bread is better than no bread at all. So instead of cutting the lazy and excess fat of the public service he kept them employed. Guyanese are beginning to reap there rewards. Unlike in 1992 however, more people have visas and can afford to jump ship but no matter how many leave, the PNC will never have the majority.

  8. People wake up-more to come–the APNU thugs are free to do what they want to innocent hard working ppl and they know that they are well protected. Two low lives, white mouths were sent by APNU to disrupt a peaceful protest by the Wales estate employees while the police stood there and did nothing.


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