Gov’t says Guyana must have national airline; private stakeholder disagrees

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By Jomo Paul

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[] – While the Government of Guyana has established the importance of a Flagship carrier and achieving Category One status, a local stakeholder has disagreed on the line of priority.

Speaking at an aviation security conference on Monday, October 19, Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo and Junior Public Infrastructure Minister, Annette Ferguson plugged the need for a National airline.

According to Minister Ferguson, Guyana will not be left behind in the pursuit of better standards for aviation in Guyana. She stated that Guyana will pursue the strengthening of the regulatory regimes and other essential framework in the aviation sector.

Additionally, Prime Minister Nagamootoo followed sharply on her heels, indicating that “Guyana must and will have a return to its national airline.”

But according to veteran pilot and local airline operator, Captain Gerald Gouveia, the issues outlined by the Government should not be of paramount importance.

According to Gouveia, Category One is a requirement of the US government and not for the statutory body which would be the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

“Our first priority is meeting ICAO standards. We should do everything to meet ICAO standards and then maybe we could start thinking about category one,” said Gouveia.

According to Gouveia, “A national carrier is a pie in the sky – the money it will take this country to re-establish a national carrier and to do one that meets international standards is a pie in the sky.”

Captain Gerry Gouveia
Captain Gerry Gouveia

“For 2016 what is the main thing we want them to spend money on? Certainly that is capacity building in civil aviation; it has to be a number one priority and then the systemic things…search and rescue…we need search and rescue to be dealt with as a major priority.”

Meanwhile, Director General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Chatrani Heralall stated that the infrastructural sector of aviation is lagging behind.

She explained that while Guyana has potential to develop, the advents have not been fully exploited.

“While the industry has grown tenfold, the aviation authority has remained the same from its inception,” she stated.

It was noted that the staffing and personnel capacity are still technically the same. Despite these challenges, the GCAA, she noted has taken a decision to implement aeronautical surveillance throughout Guyana, which is being seen as a landmark achievement.



  1. I have paid 1400 pounds from London to Guyana. It also depends on peak season. Prices are very exorbitant at Christmas and summer. So please do not say that people lie.

  2. Folks, over the years both under the PNC (real PNC), PPP/C and now APNU/AFC, we have had terrible experiences at various times travelling with CAL. They have undergone significant changes in management, issues of subsidizing of fuel etc… The reality check is that CAL has the numerous aircraft, infrastructure and personnel and know how to effectively support the current needs of the Guyanese market vis-à-vis US/GEO and TOR/GEO.
    Instead of reinventing the wheel the current government needs to approach this issues of consistent, cheaper fares etc under the Caricom single market banner.
    Why can’t Guyana contribute as a hybrid type of wet lease paying partner for a dedicated aircraft to Georgetown (GEO) ? Rather than have flag carrier status ? In fact under the previous administration CAL was designated a national flag carrier…
    The current administration should know when to go into reality check with national pride…. we ani’t ready for that as yet !!!! Let the oil start pumping first… it would be then fool hardy to have all that liquidity in the monetary system…. then you can experiment !!!

  3. What expert the fool is just protecting his interest a national airlines means no dynamic no $1500 flight for Christmas u dumb dumb

  4. It is amazing when you read some comments. The minister is saying that we should have a flagship airline, precisely because we are being GOUGED by Caribbean Airlines. Explain to me what the present government has to do with the prices that we are being charged by Caribbean Airlines? Are we that racist and hateful that we cannot even see that having our own will allow us to control our destiny. The price that we are being charged can take us to India return by Air Canada. I looked into fares for December 2015, it is now $1600. Why do we have to endure this?

  5. You need to check out Fly Jamaica. Much cheaper prices. Even though I don’t like this government they are not to be blamed for this.

  6. Gov’t says Guyana must have national airline; private stakeholder disagrees
    The installed rulers are dreaming large now.
    PNC foreign ministry was the largest in the world when they ruled, their foreign ministry people flew on I owe U and this is why Guyana air went bankrupt

  7. What self serving piece of crap placing self infant of national interest. This is why Guyana became a failed state. This is the exact attitude Guyanese need to eradicate from that country.

  8. They are just throwing words around. That’s what amateur politicians do best. It sounds good to say things like we must have our own national flag carrier. They need to listen to what the experts, like the good Capt., say on the matter. It is a gradual process, something to aspire to by taking certain courses of action …

  9. This clown of a minister is worried about a plane carrying the Guyana Airways name before he look at the fact of what Caribbean Airline is doing to the travelers, preventing tourism to Guyana. We need an explanation (as a Canadian), why flight prices are so high from Toronto to CJIA and it is so low to TnT? I can get a flight from YYZ toronto to CJIA for $1200 (return) where as to TnT it is $560….What is the price to Guyana double? Can these fools explain why? When PPP was ruling I was paying $750….now it is $1200 since since Granger took over? Are these people trying to run tourism from Guyana?


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