Govt mulls offering “Because We Care” cash grant to private school students


As Government continues to roll out the “Because We Care” cash grant to children in the public school system, Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo has revealed that consideration is being given to extending the initiative to students in the private school system.

“We are actively examining now the possibility of extending the grant to kids going to private schools,” he explained during a recent interview with a social media commentator.

“[It] may be not all of them will take, but some parents have been making the solid case that they struggle at home to send their kids to private schools. It’s not as though they’re rich. And in a way, those kids who go to private schools they take some pressure off public schools in terms of space. So the government will consider all the facts on the issue and we’ll make a determination very, very soon on the matter.”

Earlier this week, the PPP/C Government reintroduced and rolled out the “Because We Care” cash grant, which was increased to $15,000. The uniform voucher was also increased to $4000 and together, each child in the public school system will receive a total of $19,000.

However, parents of students who attend private schools have been speaking out about the exclusion of those children from the $3.2B countrywide initiative.

Meanwhile, the Vice President has assured that the ongoing disbursement of the cash grants to children in the public education system is being overseen by the Auditor General to ensure transparency.