Govt makes provisions for persons with disabilities to apply for house lots


The Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) has provided an opportunity for persons with disabilities to apply for house lots.

The Authority conducted a public day programme today where persons who have difficulties applying through the normal process where given an opportunity to submit their applications.

The activity was organised by the Guyana Society for the Blind in collaboration with the Guyana Council of Organizations for Persons with Disabilities.

Scores of persons showed up to capitalise on the opportunity since many would have applied earlier and was unsuccessful.

Junior Communities Minister with responsibility for housing, Valerie Adams Yearwood noted that after the applications are submitted, government will be looking at possible locations where lands can be allocated.

For now, the two main areas include Region Three and on the East Coast of Demerara in areas such as Mon Repos, Good Hope, Annadale, Cummings Lodge and Foulis.

“We have some lots on the East Coast, more particularly Mon Repos and Good Hope. By the end of the year, we’re going to have some at Cummings Lodge and we’re also looking in the very near future to have some at Annadale and Foulis,” said Yearwood.

She added, “On the West Coast of Demerara…we’re currently looking at some other areas, which we hope to have available by next week. When those areas become available, we’re going to proceed immediately with the subdivision and be able to have those lots available to those persons who want a house lot in Region Three.”

Low income lands will be available, meaning that they cost between 92,000 and around 150,000. There are other costs attached for surveying and other services.

President of the Society, Cecil Morris stated that this initiative provides accessibility to services, which are challenging for some persons.



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