“Gov’t is the great ignorer of parliamentary resolutions”- Opposition Leader



Opposition Leader, David Granger
Opposition Leader, David Granger

By Kurt Campbell

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Opposition Leader David Granger has chastised the Donald Ramotar led administration for not acting on a single parliamentary resolution which the Opposition controlled tenth parliament has passed.

Speaking to the local media on Friday, Granger bemoaned the President’s non action particularly on resolutions calling for the establishment of a Commission of inquiry to investigate incidents of trafficking in persons and torture.

“The government is the great ignorer of resolutions,” he said.

He said while the Opposition will continue to actively seek other ways, it is the people who will have to apply pressure on the administration to ensure it takes action.

Speaking specifically to the resolution urging the reduction of the Berbice bridge toll, Granger said, “It is now up to the people of Berbice and they need to bring pressure to bear on the Party that they voted for… On both sides of the river there are regional democratic councils that are controlled by the People’s Progressive Party and if the major of those two regions are supportive of the PPP let them call on their Ministers and President to treat them better.”

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh has rejected the assertion that the government ignores parliamentary resolutions.

“We don’t ignore anything that goes on in the National Assembly or comes out of it… we take very seriously everything that takes place in Parliament,” he said.

The Minister said that many of the motions passed by the House require the government to take action that will be inconsistent with applicable laws and cannot be acted on.



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