Former PNC Member slams leadership of APNU; says Granger is “young” in politics



By Fareeza Haniff

Dr Faith Harding.
Dr Faith Harding.

[] – Former Minister under the Desmond Hoyte administration, Dr Faith Harding has criticized the current leadership of Guyana’s main Opposition Party – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) during her interview on the radio programme ‘Hard Talk’ on 90.1 FM on Sunday [July 06].

The former People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) member had competed for the leadership of the Party a few years back. When asked if she is open to re – enter the PNCR at a different level, Dr Harding responded in the negative.

“Not as it is set up now, not the people in the leadership there. I can’t believe that born into that Party that Congress Place has absolutely no meaning to me. I don’t even remember it exists and that was a frightening thought. I helped to build that place. In the 1970s when I returned here, it was ‘WOW, the dream’ and the dream of LFS B [Burnham],” she said.

Dr Harding thanked God for giving her the courage to walk away from the Party.

“It’s not only [David] Granger; it’s the whole band of leadership. I got over it when I walked out of the last central executive meeting. I was wiped clean, thank you God.”

When asked if she would be opened to joining one of the existing parties, she said, “Not yet. I haven’t seen one that builds the fire in my belly.”

Dr Harding blatantly chastised the leadership style of APNU’s Leader David Granger, as she opined that the Party will not grow any further.

“I don’t see the APNU attracting anybody new. I don’t see them attracting any funds for anything, so whatever resources they have, they have to sell off because that Party is not attracting a new bundle of wealth, that Party is not attracting a bundle of energy. I am not seeing it.”APNU-formally-launched

She further noted, “They don’t have a current day leadership style. He [Granger] is young in politics. He is young in thinking politically. He doesn’t have that within him. What we need is a new thinking, a new fire, a new energy.”

Harding served as Minister of state in the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development as well as Minister of Public Service in the Desmond Hoyte administration.




  1. let me ask u mo..would you give Burnham a second chance at ruling Guyana just for asking sakes about second chance .. should we forget slavery. must we forget holocaust . must we forgive those so they get a second crack at it.. listen up..put on your thinking cap. she is a born PNC and she would be a PNC mold in think Trotman is an AFC. if you do then sorry ..u r a dreamer..wake up Mo and smell the coffee

  2. I believe in second chances and I have ‘Faith’ in people.
    I think she deserve a chance to make a valuable contribution.
    We need to forgive the past, not forget it!
    If it happened, she could be teamed with strong party faithful.
    My first choice would be PM Hinds or Minister Benn.
    Ideally, she can then work closely with Minister Whittaker and clean up City Hall

  3. she trying to get a lead role in ppp thats all. she want power somewhere along the line to settle a score with those in pnc that kicked her in her backside. ppp would be foolish to hire her into thinking she would get black votes in the event of snap election. once pnc left them for dead then the ppp must do like wise. but then again ppp gave this knack for employing pnc also rans.. she must be asked if her daady burnham was a legal elected president. if her step daady hoyte was a legal president. she can clear her warped mind by saying the truth about pnc.. she should be asked since she is a pnc insider if granger knew about rodney killing and ballot box killings.she should be made to say..she and vanessa kisson have no heart no morales no compassion for those pnc wiped out..they both never said a word about babies being slaughtered in their beds..indian babies that is..they dont care that other have to bust their backs for a living to pay for electricity use that is so high while they fight for their own to pay next to nothing

  4. I have a sneaking suspicion Dr Faith is on the verge. She is at tipping point and just need some assurances that she will be treated fairly. I do not believe she was treated fairly when she went against Mr Granger.
    She is a very powerful woman and we need to empower our women. Comes to mind among our women with dedication and perseverance Ms Sooba and Minister Manickchand.
    This added attribute is probably what the PPP/C needs to unite everyone.


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