Gov’t finalising National Budget


Members of Cabinet as well as Non-Cabinet Ministers, today, met at the Ministry of the Presidency to iron-out their 2016 ministerial work programmes, which will inform the finalising of the National Budget. That Budget is expected to be presented in the National Assembly before the end of the month.

President David Granger and Ministers of his Cabinet meeting earlier today on the 2016 National Budget
President David Granger and Ministers of his Cabinet meeting earlier today on the 2016 National Budget

Today’s meeting is one of several such sessions, which are intended to ensure that there is synergy with regard to the Government’s development agenda, as laid out by President David Granger in his address to Parliament, last Thursday.
During that speech, the President outlined his vision for economic development, strengthened national unity, expanded national infrastructure, fortified national institutions, enhanced national security and modern and reliable public services.



  1. hope no money prime minister in this budget he get his ride soon he will get a donkey with slippers chain around his neck hip hip hooray hip hip hooray

  2. Moses was only interested in position and power. If he could help change Guyana that would be a bonus but less important to him. He got position but no power and a fat pay check. So he is happy. When things get bad and hard times come, he will use his green card and go live in the US.

    Does anyone honestly think that if Nagamootoo was the PPP Presidential candidate in 2011 and 2015 all this nonsense about shared governance and Apan Jaat politics would have surfaced. He would be cursing down the PNC for rigging elections, screwing Guyana’s economy as he has always done. And do you think the PNC boys forgot the days when he use to do that. The leopard can never change it’s spots and Nakgamootoo is accustom of sucking eggs.

  3. Gov’t finalising National Budget
    PNC Budget?????????
    You kidding ???
    Really PNC Budget ???
    oh meh mumma PNC dont know about budget ????
    I bet ya Jordon the dunce taking advise from Greenidge the dunce
    PNC cant run fish shop how can PNC run country ??

  4. Justin…the use of the word “boy” in this context is derogatory and insulting. I have seen its use in such context before on our national politicians. The word “BOY” was and is used in the deep American south in the days of religious slave owners who would address adult male slaves as “boys” in an effort to emasculate them…it is a horrifying use of the word in those context. Check Billingsly text books -Blacks in white can still find this disgusting use of the word boy in that context in the deep south of USA..

  5. They have been out of power for so long that whatever budget they come up with will be patterned off the PPPC. Just like they said the projects of the airport, hyrdro falls and specialty hospital were all bad ideas during their campaign for office only to get power and say that those projects were indeed good for the country. Now Nagamootoo is spineless and powerless Prime Minister, the weakest PM this country has ever had. At least he can say he made history! Happy with your new promotion there Moses boy? LMAO

  6. Budget time…hope it can land in Guyana. Can people remember when the PNC use to give us some budget we does say it too big for the airport it can’t land?


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