24-year-old man commits suicide – in New Amsterdam


A New Amsterdam family was, this morning, plunged into mourning after a 24-year-old man was found hanging by the neck with a rope at his Angoy’s Avenue home.
Dead is Sherlund Alien, of Ogleton Dam, Angoy’s Avenue in New Amsterdam. INews understands that the body of the unemployed man was found at about 00:30hrs on Saturday morning by his brother, Orin Sampson.
According to Sampson, Alien was the only person at home when he returned from a next-door cousin shortly after midnight. “When I reach home I saw like the top half of the door just open suddenly and I feel like something push me…when I walk going into my room to sleep and I raise my head up, is my brother hanging with a rope on his neck. All I could do is holla.”
Neighbours heard his scream and came over, following which the body was reportedly taken down before police were contacted. Sampson said he was not sure whether his brother was still alive when the discovery was made. “When I holla, I run towards him to see if he still breathing and if he still soft because I ent want see he an leff he dea still alive and ent do nothing,” the grieving brother said in the popular creole dialect.
Alien is said to have worked in the interior for a number of years but gave up the job for more than a year during which time he started attending a church in the community. However, on Friday morning, reports are that he refused to go with another relative to the weekly deliverance service.
According to the dead man’s brother, on Friday afternoon when he arrived home, Alien was in his bedroom reading a bible. “He came out the bedroom and pass me and go on the back landing and he fly back inside the room and lock the bedroom door and I ask he, ‘Sherlund wha wrong buddy,’ and he ent really respond to me. I ent pay he no mind because ah know that he start to go to church and changing he life.”
Alien had recently removed the braids from his hair and is said to have made a change in his life. “He start living a decent life,” Sampson commented.
Reports are that Alien had no girlfriend and few friends. Relatives have found no trace which might suggest the motive for the suicide.
Alien leaves to mourn two siblings and his mother.



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