Gov’t continues to bring relief to flood affected areas – Minister Whittaker



By Tracey Khan Drakes

Flooding[] – Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker in a status report on the flooding situation in the City and other regions this afternoon explained that water has receded in most of the flood affected areas and works are ongoing to ensure a complete recession of the water in an urgent manner.

Minister Whittaker explained that officials from his team including himself have been out in the fields today meeting with those affected and assessing the situation as they work to bring relief to the many Guyanese affected. The Ministry also had a team visit Region 3.

He also highlighted that Works Minister Robeson Benn and his technical teams were also out in the fields assisting. President Donald Ramotar also met with a few Ministers to urgently device a plan to address the situation.

All pump stations and sluices in region 4 are functioning to capacity except for the one on Lamaha Street. The Local Government Ministry has also sought the assistance of the Agriculture Ministry to clean a number sluices in Region 4.

Minister Whittaker added that a number of pumps were repaired in anticipation for the rainy season and the eventuality of flooding.

“Most of our pumps and sluice doors are operational are functional, there are issues to do with siltation not only at the sluice mouth but also the internal drains and canals.”

Currently, the Ministry is cleaning a number of main canals in the city; however the construction of major bridges by vendors is another impediment to the smooth flow of water through these canals.

“The reports we had is about 90% of what they cleaned are Styrofoam boxes plastic bottles and these are not only on the roadways but in the canals.”

He assured that all possible measures are being taken to reduce the negative impact the flooding has on residents.

“We are taking all measures possible to ensure the free flow of the water and part of that is moving garbage from the sites so it doesn’t end up in the drains and part of it also is working to move garbage that is hindering movement of the water to areas where we have these concrete bridges and it’s not so and it’s not so easy to access.”




  1. No LG is the cause of this let the locals govern their own municipalities the government is not doing a good job 12th day of dictatorship one party rule of Guyana by the PPP/C government


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